Sydney White

Sydney White

A modern retelling of Snow White set against students in their freshman year of college in the greek system.

When tomboy Sydney is banished from the most popular sorority on campus, she is taken in by seven socially challenged but endearing guys. With the help of one lovestruck frat boy named Tyler, she and the doofs campaign to take over student government. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ghdfghd h (fr) wrote: Cringe-worthy cheesy - couldn't watch all of it

Peter R (br) wrote: While this film has some laughs, it has the same amount of and kind of problems that "Big Money Hustlas" has, only they're multiplied here. It's problems are bad writing, gay jokes, stupid jokes and bad acting. It's plot is about as thin as they come and this whole movie is nothing more than a western version of "Big Money Hustlas," with other stuff packed within it. The other parts of this dvd movie are a hilarious commentary, 4 music videos of ICP's and 2 of which are Twiztid's. Anyway, if u like "Big Money Hustlas" or are a fan of Psychopathic Records at all, you'll love this flick; if not stay away. 4.5/10

roland b (ru) wrote: Radio show as a movie ... zombies ...Infection by language... very original!

Michael T (br) wrote: Slow & rather silly in spots.

Henry B (br) wrote: The script needed Bacon.

Skyler B (it) wrote: This is such garbage.

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Parker R (nl) wrote: No special effect or CGI overload, or hardly any for that matter, this is a Jaws-like movie that gives chills simply because its reptilian antagonist has a realistic touch to it, and the dialogue isn't a cheesy mess like most horror movies.

Ramonita S (gb) wrote: Good musical if you're into that venue in movies. Great dance pieces.

David D (nl) wrote: The best version of the story I'd say

katsist (ca) wrote: Found it to be dull and boring. Not many scares.

Kyle L (jp) wrote: Wanted to love this movie, but it felt slow and lifeless. Well acted, but left the most interesting aspect of his life (his art) to be an afterthought.

David F (mx) wrote: All the characters are so funny and likable, all the situations and conflicts so light and solvable, and all the settings are so urban and fashionable that it's hard not to like this candy-coated piece of pop commercial filmmaking. It's a very quick-witted tale of modern dating and cosmopolitan mating rituals with an upbeat soundtrack and beautiful actors. Delicious.