The story is set in the backdrop of a college that is riven by two groups led by Prithvi (Nitin) and Shashank (Shashank). Though there is nothing malicious between the groups, they just can't see eye to eye on anything. The only thing common between the two are their abiding passion for rugby. Whenever a problem crops between the two, it is usually settled with a bitter scrum on the rugby field. As it happens, the college land falls into the hands of a local dadha Bikshu Yadav (Pradeep Rawat). This is good enough reason for the two groups to forge a common identity and fight for the land. Prithvi and Shashank bury the hatchet and get back the land. This is too much of a bitter pill for the dadha to swallow. And so he dares the students for a rugby match with his own group. What happens in the deciding rugby contest is the interesting denouement of the film. Thrown into this story is the love story between Nitin and Genelia.

Students of a college form a Rugby team and play against a violent gang of thugs to get back their college land. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Canem C (us) wrote: i admit to watch this movie for the sake of John Abraham, but i loved it more then i expected. very humanistic and cruel, funny and sad at the same time; only faking was the single american journalist woman, i don't think a woman can travel alone all around there in that conditions...not because she can't but because of the environment...

Jimena B (us) wrote: I want to be in the captain's table.

Chris S (ca) wrote: I love everything about this film that I don't even know where to start. This is another one of two movies that actually made me cry two times. The last scenes are just so tearjerking and touching. There are a couple of amazing camera shots and a little bit of foreshadowing. All of the characters in this wonderful ensemble cast also have some major or minor contributions to the plot. And the performances by Jiro Manio and Lorna Tolentino are outstanding.

Simon D (gb) wrote: Pretty sappy film about a boy genius chess player. So cheesy it could almost have been made up, if not greatly exaggerated. Some surprisingly well known cameos in this so if you are bored of the story then you can play spot the famous person.

Dustin D (es) wrote: Patriot Games is a suspenseful thriller, but Harrison Ford wasn't quite as good in the role as Alec Baldwin.

Kris V (ag) wrote: A great cast, but mostly a missed chance to bring some intelligent religious satire, this movie ends up being all over the place without managing to leave much of an impression.

Cory M (ca) wrote: Enjoyable backstory of cinema's greatest boy next door. Performances are pretty good. has it moments of borderline silly, but is well-balanced with good scenes. A step up in the series.

Christian B (es) wrote: Though this movie has atrocious acting, technical issues, editing, script, scenery, and just straight up unnecessary porn sequences, that's what creates this movie's charm. It is probably one of the most unintentionally hilarious movie's you'll ever see. As a movie, its a 1/10, but as a unique experience for you and a group of friends, its a 9/10.