Director Richard Quine's 1965 drama dramatizes the problems of various patients at a drug rehabilitation home. The cast includes Edmond O'Brien, Richard Conte, Stella Stevens, Alex Cord, Eartha Kitt, Chuck Connors, Barbara Luna, Bernie Hamilton and Larry Kert.

This film chronicles the goings on at Synanon House, a rehabilitation center for people with all kinds of addictions. Chuck Dederich, a recovering alcoholic, founded and runs Synanon House. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Synanon torrent reviews

Katie B (ru) wrote: I liked the concept of this movie, but it was overall very boring and bland. It a few good moments.

Henry M (es) wrote: Alun tylsyyden jalkeen paastaan asiaan. Ihan viihdyttava + Milanoffin suu kay kuin esikuvallaan :)

Keith M (br) wrote: A Story that has been told one too many times. Very typical B movie acting. Yet it is still watchable to get you in the halloween mood. The gore was fun, but there was really no need to have the porn star in the house. Brought the movie down just that much more.

Nick C (ca) wrote: Sounds like Fun but doesn't really go anywhere, at all. Half cocked comedy throughout. Impressed with myself that I got all the way through this one. Usual quirky cliches are all here.

MEC r (jp) wrote: Could have been a lot better.

Jeff L (it) wrote: A romantic drama full of one-dimensional characters and an obvious plot where a adequate cast and strong emotion carries it through...the Mentalist got some game though.

Laya M (de) wrote: I liked them and was rooting for them to sort things out throughout, but I'd never want my life to be as fucked up as that of the characters in this movie.

James H (mx) wrote: love this series of movies.

Johnathan A (ru) wrote: Animal house meets american pie, was a funny movie and i wish there would be another movie produced

logo 3 (fr) wrote: I really disagree with what others said that this movie was bad and boring and whatever they say...This movie might be missing a little action and has a little too much dialogue but overall, it's pretty interesting for me, and besides I think that John Travolta has done a good performance. I like this movie

Kimberly Y (au) wrote: not as good as the first. but it was okay

Derek J (ag) wrote: Angelopoulos' historical lyricism at its grandest scale.

Tim P (de) wrote: Decent biopic of someone I knew little about. Kingsley is great, but Gandhi is no Trevor Slattery.

Valeria P (ru) wrote: I usually love anything with Maggie Smith but this movie is a mess. The script goes in every direction, the plot is purposeless, and the cast trundles under the strain of trying to make this movie work.

Shawn S (ru) wrote: This has a good story and a great cast and Chucky is fairly menacing.