Syndromes and a Century

Syndromes and a Century

A Buddhist meditation on the mysteries of love and attraction, the workings of memory, and the ways in which happiness is triggered.

Story about director Apichatpong Weerasethakul's parents who were both doctors, and director's memories about growing up in the hospital environment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Neha K (gb) wrote: Starts off good..but Bollywood's obsession with romance and happy endings completely ruins a con movie script

Kyla N (mx) wrote: cheaper by the dozen

Mara M (nl) wrote: Very predictable, but WONDERFUL!I love Bollywood!!!!The music is great!

Priyu K (us) wrote: typical tacky french bullshit

Jenna L (au) wrote: I'm so frustrated! My essay isn't finished yet and now I've got to read over 50 pages for my history class tomorrow! GAAAAH!!! Ok... But I'll still write a little more about Larry. Here it goes! [size=3]Larry - the Clutsy Dragon Hunter. Part 2.[/size][size=3][/size] The dorr opened. A large man in a laced apron, with little pink rabbits on it, watched him warily. Larry immediately decided to call him Mr Apron. "Yes?" "Er ... hi. I'm here about the dragon in your basement. Larry's the name." "It's name is Larry?" The large man seemed rather confused. Larry sighed. He definitely didn't deserve this! "I am Larry." "Oh! Sorry ... You don't look like a Larry." "But the dragon does?" "Good point. I guess you want to come in, then?" He didn't look too happy to let the boy into his house. "Yes. Please. Can't do much out here." "All right, then." He stepped aside and let Larry in. The young dragon hunter looked curiously around him. The hallway was not as bad as he'd figured. No laces. Nothing pink. Actually, it looked rather nice. The walls were painted blue and an ancient vase stood on a small table in the corner. When he stepped closer he saw that it was covered with little pictures of two naked men chasing something. It looked remotely like a dragon, but it had no wings. No head either, if you didn't count the one that one of the naked guys was carrying like some kind of trophy. Larry found, to his own surprise, that he didn't like the look on that guy's face. "Sure, kill the dragons, but you don't have to look so bloody smug about it afterwards!" he muttered. "What?" said Mr Apron. "Nothing. How do I get to the cellar?" "Just turn around that corner and walk down the stairs. We've locked the door, just in case." "Ok. Can I have the key?" Mr Apron looked puzzled. "What for?" he asked. Larry rolled his eyes, and noticed that the ceiling was not blue. It was green. "Well, I'd very much like to actually get in!" he growled. "You would?" The Apron was surprised. "Yes! How else am I to destroy it?" Mr Apron stared at him with a look of absolute horror in his face. "Oh, no! You're not gonna destroy our basement! Can't allow that!" The huge man started moving towards him, his hairy arms stretched out to grab the boy. Larry groaned. This was just not going to work! "I'm here to kill the dragon, not to ruin your basement!" he yelled. "Oh." Mr Apron stopped dead. "Why didn't you say so?" "I did!" "You did?" "Yessss" Larry hissed. "Oh. Sorry. My bad." The large man rubbed his forehead. "Here's the key." "Thanks." The Mighty Dragon Hunter took the key and started walking down the stairs to the cellar ... To be continued ...

Steve S (es) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Edgar C (nl) wrote: Totally boring and pointless. 25/100

Nick T (jp) wrote: So Stan, Who do you think has the best boobs in the neighborhood?

Charles C (nl) wrote: I wonder if, at any point during filming, the supporting cast had moments of clarity and realized how ridiculously goofy the whole production was. Ghoulies is equal parts laughable and boring. The lead actor gives an intense, over-the-top performance which is pretty fun to watch, but deserving of a much better film. The two midget minions were the only enjoyable characters, and creature affects are slightly better than a childrens second grade puppet show. You'd have a better time going through a catholic school haunted house. Good for lovers of silly eighties horror cheese, but not really for anyone else.

Lloyd H (fr) wrote: Quadrophenia is a film I grew up with and have a lot of love for. The collaboration of great characters, performances, scripting and music is perfectly balanced. Phil Daniels steals the show as the leading character Jimmy Cooper. The audience sees through the eyes of Phil Daniels and his performance is nothing short of fantastic. The supporting cast is brilliant with great performances from Mark Wingett, Philip Davis, Garry Cooper, Ray Winstone, Leslie Ash and a very cool understated performance from Sting. The script is brilliant and the comic timing never gets old. The scooters at great and the rivalry between the mods and rockers makes for great viewing. The real star of this film however is the soundtrack. With great music from Marvin Gaye, James Brown and in particular The Who. Quadrophenia is British filmmaking at its most sentimental and nostalgic and I hope it stands the test of time for culturally curious generations to come.

Private U (de) wrote: Deborah Kerr's classic Ice Queen portrayal a true classic. Hayler Mills best here, only got worse in later films.

CC B (ru) wrote: It diverges too much from it's source material, but Beowulf has groundbreaking animation and it's entertaining.

Andrew S (mx) wrote: Completely original and classic Allen demonstrating his writing chops and firm direction. I loved the pacing and structure of the film as it blurred between a great story when you meet up with old friends and Rose's real life escapade. Just Great.

Harry W (it) wrote: Featuring a performance said to be Ray Liotta's greatest, Narc was a film I definitely needed to see. Narc ended up being a very familiar film. While it is certainly an enjoyable film, it does not really break too much new ground and therefore has limited value. It has a premise which is pretty thin, and everything is reliant on the skills of its actors to truly end up succeeding. The story in Narc is not all that consistently interesting because it largely feels routine, and although it has some good moments with some complicated twists and turns, it is little that viewers will not be ready for. I wasn't all that surprised by Narc, so it was not a great film.But set in its formulaic roots, director Joe Carnahan manages to craft a film which mostly rises above the usual limits of a film like Narc. The fact is that although the story itself is not the most interesting, it is rich with powerful dialogue. The language in Narc is gritty and realistic which allows the actors to really give it their all with a rough edge, and that is exactly what ends up happening. Narc is more important for its characters than it is for its story, and luckily enough the characters are written to be deep and complex figures. Narc sets up a story about two characters which manages to overshadow the rest of it, and the script manages to do a lot to ensure that they are crafted well enough for the actors to bring them to life.The visual style of Narc is powerful. The cinematography is never really stable and it reinforces the edgy atmosphere of the film without being too shaky for the viewer to be able to honestly comprehend what is going on. It is very well shot, and it always keeps things at the appropriate distances while adding atmosphere to the film. Even the colour palette of the film is great because it has many shades of grey to it which makes the mood of the film a lot grimmer. The crime world itself is very black and white, and that is what Narc projects. In doing so it manages to create an intense atmosphere which males the entire experience of Narc all the more powerful, and it plays out well. So Joe Carnahan manages to do a lot as director of Narc and although his story is not perfect, he manages to make it a compelling film by elevating it above the simple nature that it faces.But quintessentially, all of the success in Narc rests on the quality of its two leading actors. The story itself is unlikely to amaze as it is familiar, but there is no denying the powerful performances of Jason Patric and Ray Liotta who both single handily manage to make Narc an entertaining film which was worth the viewing.Jason Patric's leading performance in Narc is possibly the most powerful of his career. I mean the man will always have a place in my heart for his leading performance in The Lost Boys, but his leading performance in Narc is the most powerful adult role of his career. The former teenage star gives an amazing performance in Narc because he is electrifying with grit. He is constantly on edge and just sinks into the character so flawlessly that the edgy power of his performance is just impossible to ignore. He is a seriously sympathetic character and at the same time he is intimidating because of the unpredictable nature of him. At every moment, Jason Patric has the physicality which says that he is willing to stand up for himself yet he also has a clear inner torment and reluctance within him which proves to be holding him back in parts. The fact is that Jason Patric truly has the determination to prove himself in the role, the same way that his character has his own determination to prove himself, and the ambitions of both end up intertwining and creating a performance which is just truly unforgettable. I was blown away by the talents of Jason Patric in Narc, and he single handily makes the film very easy to recommend. Ray Liotta is also spot on in Narc. His performance is clearly one of the best of his career because he is known for playing a gritty criminal figure in many films, most of the time in a supporting role, but in Narc he steps up to the lead and plays a sadistic and cruel police officer, a role he was born to play. He has proven many times that his best talent is portraying criminal figures, and in Narc he manages to step up that archetype even further and injects it into a powerful figure of corruption. Narc shows off the endeavour of Ray Liotta's true acting talents, and when he shares the screen with Jason Patric the two battle so hard to capture the interests of viewers that it is likely that people watching will find themselves tied into finding both characters equally interesting. That was the case with me, and I can seriously say that Ray Liotta has rarely given a performance better than he did in Narc. Narc features Ray Liotta's best talents, and he stands over many characters with powerful intimidation thanks to his brooding physicality and his shockingly powerful line delivery.The chemistry between these two actors is also excellent because it is unpredictable and has them truly challenging each other. The kind of interactions between these two is very powerful, and shows what true acting is all about because the exchange between these two shows just how dedicated they are to the film.So while Narc suffers from an overly familiar story which has been seen quite a few times, it serves as a medium for the true amazing acting talents of both Jason Patric and Ray Liotta which makes it entertaining, innovative and easy to recommend.

Anne F (ag) wrote: I predicted a tragic event before the build up to the tragic event had even started; that spoilt my enjoyment of the rest of the film.

Valentina K (gb) wrote: It was "okay." Nothing to see here, move along...

Kim B (ca) wrote: Embarrassing parents, unrequited love, family games of monopoly .Great coming of age no movie iPads, phones, email very refreshing.

James Z (br) wrote: 'you only live twice' pursues a hollow and contrived narrative to the limits. it's an unquestionably pseudo-satire on almost everything bond stands for, and there's minimal time for exposition. but at least venturous fermentation is the spirit that comes along with it. illustrious, imposing set-pieces and some proficient skirmishes are ravishingly forgetive.

Aj V (it) wrote: A crazy horror movie from Troma, I liked it for the most part, but there were some bad scenes too. It's okay for the most part, but the ending is confusing.