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Longxiang Z (ru) wrote: A contemporary "Emperor's New Clothes", a pathetic propaganda scam, and a farce created by buffoons who know no better way to achieve their 5-minute stardom than to over-embellish a sub-par girl-on-girl porn with fake outcry for homosexual equality and cheesy love story.I know I'm in the minority here, but I seriously don't get how people resonate with this film. The story of a coming-of-age teenager finding and failing her first love (because of the difference in the social rank, life experience, artistic taste, or whatever weak reason the movie comes up with) is all but too old as a piece of stale cheese. Were it not for the lesbian twist, the story by itself stands no higher than any typical romantic ANIME that Japanese cranks out dozens of times every year. I would even consider You've Got Mails, Serendipity, and many other Hollywood style love dramas, blockbuster or not, way more entertaining.The movie could've spent more time on developing the emotional and social struggle the main character goes through with her love journey, and in the process makes her character more relatable to common viewers. Yet the director or the scriptwriter or whoever has their libido unchecked decided to waste the precious time in a film in unnecessary nudity to almost porn-like details. I get why nudity is important to some love stories, because it's the rawest, most basic yet most powerful expression of love and desire human beings can convey, but an artistic depiction of sex scenes have to serve a purpose integral to the story, not just some eye-candy, or worse, marketing tools, to boost the movie sales by appealing to the audience's crotch. Yet I fail to see any necessity of the nude scenes in this film, except that it makes the motive of the main character more erotic than emotional, another fatal blow to an already weak story.Please stop giving this movie high commendation because of your desire to be politically correct. Tagging a movie with sensitive or controversial social elements doesn't guarantee it to be a masterpiece. Quite the opposite, it often conveys the laziness of the movie-makers and lack of creativity. A true proponent of homosexual romance should voice their support through genuine stories of the complicated struggles gays and lesbians face in their life, not riding on the hype of homosexuality in the superficial hope of winning a golden statue. Otherwise, you are not supporting homosexuality, you are simply abusing it for personal gain.

Nickole s (es) wrote: filme muito bomcom personagens interessantes e uma historia bonita sem ficar chata e passada

Regi H (it) wrote: It can get boring at times, a lot of the stories are interesting, some just didn't grab me. The cast was great! Yes, you heard me right, even Hayden Christensen and Orlando Bloom! I don't know why a movie so clever received such negative scores when movies like Antman and Cars have fresh scores.

Ty P (gb) wrote: An interesting movie none the less about how previously women weren't allowed to act or play on stage. Instead there were a list of famous men that played ladies perfectly. The cast is great, but Claire Danes acting to act, she still does the same crying face she does in every film. Trust me, you'll know it. Oh! well, Hayley Joel Osment does the same as does Toni Collete.

Mehdi Y (es) wrote: originally and braveness of the director

Matt C (ag) wrote: Difficult to quantify this one, it drags on a lot, especially in the first half, at nearly two hours this is way too long for a kids movie. My son was wriggling around frequently and I found myself drifting in and out. It has moments though where it's really funny and really beautiful and moving. The floating lanterns scene is probably one of the most impressive in a Disney film, my son was literally on his feet saying 'WOW!'. A mixed bag then.

Alan Z (gb) wrote: It has too much class and glamour. The screenplay is amazing and the performances enhance the film and makes it not only a profitable movie, but a superb production.