Synthetic Pleasures

Synthetic Pleasures

Conceived as an electronic road movie, this documentary investigates cutting edge technologies and their influence on our culture as we approach the 21st century. It takes off from the idea that mankind's effort to tap the power of Nature has been so successful that a new world is suddenly emerging,an artificial reality. Virtual Reality, digital and biotechnology, plastic surgery and mood-altering drugs promise seemingly unlimited powers to our bodies, and our selves. This film presents the implications of having access to such power as we all scramble to inhabit our latest science fictions.

Conceived as an electronic road movie, this documentary investigates cutting edge technologies and their influence on our culture as we approach the 21st century. It takes off from the idea... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rick M (br) wrote: I enjoyed this film alot. Being from a generation of gaming, I thought it was interesting and really entertaining. If your a gamer you'll enjoy this, if your don't like games or don't play console's not for you....

Brandon M (ru) wrote: Interesting premise, nice effects, good enough acting, and then... terrible execution, stupid dialogue, MUSIC (no no no no, not necessary in a found footage), far too much sex appeal, no scariness, little to no suspense, and unintentionally funny. Blegh. Skip it.

Luca B (ca) wrote: Zoe Kazan non una stupida, tre film con lei che ho visto e tre storie gradevoli e ben congegniate anche se il genere non di quelli che mi appassiona.

Tony P (jp) wrote: A stern and stylish noir, superbly directed by Robert Wise. The story structure is nailed down tight by the speedy editing and dramatic cinematography. The perversion of violence as entertainment is perfectly captured when Wise departs from the fights to the audience's reactions or intrudes on the upcoming fighters in their locker room. Years ahead of its time (and significantly better than it's real-time counterpart High Noon) The Set-Up is the core of any boxing movie made afterwards. Great performances, an effective story, and extremely well made.

Becky T (us) wrote: Cheesy and fun, though not unpredictable. Basically what you expect in a 90s comedy.

Russ V (us) wrote: Poltergeist II had some good special effects, but otherwise I just couldnt get into it.

Samitha J (ca) wrote: Good adaptation, But had like 20 mins extra unnecessary and damaging material in the end which took down the movie from a 4.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: I like Americans. They think big.A Chicago detective is sent to Great Brittan to escort a fugitive back across the pond to be tried appropriately in his homeland; unfortunately, a group of assassins target Brannigan to free the fugitive. Brannigan will need to work with local crime officials, who are not overly fond of Americans, to accomplish this daunting task."These bananas will taste a hell of a lot better when I know Brannigan is lying in a gutter."Douglas Hickox, director of Backout, Theatre of Blood, Sitting Target, It's all Over Town, The Giant Behemouth, Sky Riders, and Zulu Dawn, delivers Brannigan. The storyline for this picture is very average, mediocre, and unimaginative. The action and script were also very mediocre as was the acting. The cast includes John Wayne, Richard Attenborough, John Vernon, Mel Ferrer, Judy Geeson, and Lesley-Ann Down."Never trust anybody."I came across this on cable and thought it would be an interesting John Wayne picture to catch. Well, it was different from what I'm used to for him, sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't, and this one did not work. This film doesn't have much going for it and I wouldn't recommend going too out of my way to see it."You're getting too familiar."Grade: C-

allison s (us) wrote: trip and a half. love it.

James H (de) wrote: Very low budget and the acting is amazingly bad.Really corny. The phony accents have to heard to be believed. Bad bad bad.

Dan L (nl) wrote: Flynn's athletic ability and comedic talents are showcased in this bio about the turn of century boxer whose quick footwork and defensive fighting style revolutionized the fight game. While the personal aspects of the film are largely Irish blarney, the boxing side of it is mostly accurate. James J. Corbett did fight on barges and in private athletic clubs in order to circumvent the ban on the sport back then. The fight scene on the barge is classic as is the championship fight set in New Orleans where Corbett meets John L. Sullivan, played with gusto by Ward Bond, for the heavyweight title.

Kevin F (gb) wrote: Upon hearing great reaction regarding the original All-Star Superman comics this film is based on, I was greatly intrigued to see how the film would manage condensing such a long epic into a 75 minute feature. Unfortunately, it seems that All-Star is little more than two-bit. The story is an unfocused mess, seeming to throw everything at the proverbial wall in the hopes that something may stick, but very little actually does. The film goes by at such a blisteringly fast pace with such unfocused direction that it seems to get lost halfway to its conclusion before finally being guided back on course during the last ten minutes. Despite good ideas, they are marred by uneven direction and poor pacing.

William R (ru) wrote: satisfying chick flick

ANDERSON G (fr) wrote: In a century where few horror movies stand out, we have "Babadook," the film that tells the story of Amelia (Essie Davis), a single mother who creates a troublesome son by herself, causing depression, anguish, and anger. With sections reminiscent of Repulsa (64) and the Enlightened One (80), "Babadook" is a script show, all the characters are absurdly well built, and it looks like the movie only has an hour and a half. For many moments we forget the supernatural, because what terrifies us is the life of Amelia, and the film becomes so human that when the supernatural comes, we really get scared, a story where the human aspect of the characters are very well built in the Making me forget the supernatural and mystery, we can say that it is a script that Stephen King would approve, I confess that I went to watch the film for a recommendation of a friend, and with a certain prejudice, but the photograph of the film won me completely in the first 5 minutes, This extremely dark photograph with a palette of colors turned to gray, from the first minute something in the film bothers you, with a precise soundtrack and brilliant performances, Essie Davis is frighteningly perfect, and Noah Wiseman makes you believe in his madness only with You look at it. The big mistake of the movie is his third act, all of it is a sin, in trying to fight against the bad he relieves himself and puts himself at the level of all other mediums for bad horror films. Of course the film has a message, it's all an allegory, the monster is much deeper than just a monster, it's all an analogy behind involving depression and madness, but the movie that has its first two great acts, And a third dumb and simple that normalizes and disappoints, but it is worth very much, although the film is no longer genius due to sheer lack of imagination, the script is given to the common in the last minutes. But lastly, "Babadook" is worth it, because it is mostly different, and for lovers of terror, it is a delight.

Matt L (ag) wrote: What a shit movie. So so slow, this is why I avoid watching Aussie movies. Didn't watch the whole thing, turned it off 40min in. Never again.

Yayoi O (jp) wrote: Have you ever watched "The Intern"? I at first watched the commercial on TV and it impressed me. If you watch this film, you will absolutely inspired it. "The Intern" is one of the best touching film. This is a 2015 American love comedy film directed, written and produced by Nancy Meyers. The film starts Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway in the two leading roles. The film was released on September 25, 2015 by Warner Bros. Ben(Robert) was nothing to do in his life because his wife was passed away, and he retired from his job. On the other hand, Jules(Anne) planned to hire senior person. Then Ben applied for it and passed it to take charge of Jules. But Jules dosen't like senior person because of her mother. So, she didn't assign a job to Ben, but Ben always waiting for her to assign a job. While he was waiting, he cleaned the office up, became a Jules changed her mind to Ben. So, this story is about they having the rocky road to success and they are in love with others. I watched this movie four times because this is really nice, impressive and inspired Jules who working hard woman. After watched this, I was thinking about study hard like her. Until they become friends, there were a lot of things about job, love, and friend. If you watch this movie, you would absolutely be exhilarated. But I think I want this film to show more deeply love. Apart from that it is really good story.