Szerelmes szívek

Szerelmes szívek

Based on the life story of Hungarian teen pop star Szandi, who also plays the lead, the movie is about a young girl becoming a pop star.

Based on the life story of Hungarian teen pop star Szandi, who also plays the lead, the movie is about a young girl becoming a pop star. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kamaka W (jp) wrote: Well I didn't feel the urge to press stop at anytime. Started of slow but I eventually realized it was purposeful and necessary to take a long "Magic School Bus" ride into this broad's mind to get into her state of being. Don't want to watch it again but I'm not regretting to have seen it once.

Anne R (fr) wrote: hahaha! I miss Barbie and Winnie the Poo

Shawn W (gb) wrote: whether you are a gambler or not you will enjoy this has real characters with real does not soften the people or make them some kind of superhero just because they have a talent...which is gambling...this movie serves as a juxtaposition to the oceans movies and it does it well!

Laura (nl) wrote: It wasn't bad I guess.

Alexander H (ru) wrote: A interesting movie, I can recommende it to everyone. Even if you are not a fan of this kind of movie.

Fatih G (nl) wrote: beautiful cities..great poetic film with no statements that makes you thing about your own father!

Alan V (fr) wrote: Some fun visuals, but not much to offer in the way of story. The mixture of French, Spanish and English is wonderful, though.

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Of course they had to make a sequel... let it die already!

Zach F (es) wrote: Soundtrack is great, final scene is great

Jadrien D (de) wrote: A bit of a slow mover - I found myself wanting to push this movie along at times. This urge was eased, though, by the great performances of the main characters.

Filiberto G (us) wrote: It's very difficult for me to believe Hoffman is playing Richard Nixon. However, as a charicatured and stuffed pop culture figure of a failed president, he does very well

Logan M (kr) wrote: Based on, or more accurately, "inspired by" the children's picture book of the same name, Spike Jonze's idea of "Where the Wild Things Are" is a lot like its titular characters - greatly intimidating, but also very warm and emotional deep down.

Denise B (kr) wrote: I really liked this vampire movie. Keeps you on the edge all the way through

Susanne B (mx) wrote: Loved the movie was interesting, different, and entertaining. There were a few areas where the acting was a little lack luster but overall Im desperate to see a sequel. Deserves far better critiques that what it is getting. fabulous job by all actors and did not feel that vin took the spotlight or was not the best lead ( no one else would have fit the bill he was perfect) i felt there was plenty of acting being done by all the fantastic actors and actresses. Again fantastic movie and deserves a sequel.