Two friends recall the PRL. After serving time in jail, they took up an illegal currency exchange. Cheated by partner - they decide to take revenge. Preparations take many months, but the action ends differently than it was planned.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Polish,English,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   revenge,   gangster,  

Two friends recall the PRL. After serving time in jail, they took up an illegal currency exchange. Cheated by partner - they decide to take revenge. Preparations take many months, but the action ends differently than it was planned. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John B (de) wrote: A wonderful little film that speaks to unlikely connections in the midst of loneliness. Although sentimentalists would likely want a different outcome of events, the story is drawn to a conclusion in the most appropriate manner possible.

Ellen C (br) wrote: Edward Burns hits it out of the park with this film. The characters are real and the dialogue is quick and full of wit. This is a perfect film. I highly recommend it. I can't believe it only cost $9,000 to make!

Kyle M (ru) wrote: It like to be called "Spy Kids: The Next Generation," with same feelings and effects of its predecessors, but it's sort-of the least of the franchise. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Kallie F (gb) wrote: Interesting story plot with excellent cast

Shahriar A (mx) wrote: The greatest test of any movie is how long the impact of that movie lasts after the curtain comes down. Well for this one, the effect lasted for 8 hours. Its mesmerizing, superbly written. A hidden gem of a movie that none talks about. Chitranga Singh should have been the indian find of the decade. The acting is of the highest calibre. Shiney Anujha shows what he can do when there is a good script. All in all....this is one of THE movies for me that i have seen in 2008

Abby T (fr) wrote: As much as I love dragons, and how I wish there were more Dragon films, this one was just didn't make it to be a great one. Just go watch Reign of Fire.

Bill T (nl) wrote: Very interesting adaptation of Dracula here. Some elements are removed (Renfield is completely gone!) and some completely revised (some of the main characters die unexpectedly) and some interesting plot revelations (A reason for Dracula going to London is fully laid out here), but I appreciated the work. There seems to be some plot holes evident (or footage taken out) but this version of Dracula, starring Britsh actors I know nothing about, held my interest. Check 'er out!

Pocoyo D (jp) wrote: hhv cx b vc f f f m,jmjfg ,kgjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjg jfmdffudnnydnsui

Harry W (au) wrote: Based on the Italian comic book character of the same name, Danger: Diabolik sounded like an interesting piece of world cinema.Danger: Diabolik is a rather trippy experience. The entire film has a very high-profile 1960's feeling, using its nature as a European film to convey a feeling of sophistication at times, and then it is instantaneously diverted into an overly campy Italian B-movie. This will please some audiences just as easily as it deters others, and for me I couldn't help but feel that overall the feature was a disjointed oscillation between attempts to be serious and market at the cult fanbase of low-budget Italian exploitation cinema. Most of the attempts to be legitimate came from the extended periods of dialogue going on between the characters who mostly discuss the titular character with a lot of emphasis. It ends up being a bit too much because with the strange mood of the film, it fails to give Diabolik enough genuine atmospheric heft to live up to the pedestal that the narrative puts him on. In actual fact, he is merely an athletic romantic with too much money to spend and too much time on his hands. This gives the film a cheesy edge to it, but I just feel that it doesn't carry over to modern day all that well.Capitalizing on its nature as a piece of counterculture cinema, Danger: Diabolik also draws in a psychedelic nature which mixed with the high-tech elements of the film to make it some kind of cross between Easy Rider and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.. There is even imagery which feels reminiscent of many later Batman films. Essentially, Danger: Diabolik feels like an adaptation of James Bond directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky. This feeling is most notable in the extensive scene depicting Diabolik's hideout where the audience is filled with campy imagery depicting all kinds of new technology, where nobody says a word and everything is depicted as secretive and seductive while the trippy music intensifies. If you added more dialogue to the film, removed the counterculture themes and focused more comedic energy into the feature then you would end up with a rendition of Austin Powers. In that sense, the campy appeal certainly carries the film into guilty pleasure territory. Yet as much as this style proves an interesting experiment for viewers to experience, it didn't make up for the lack of a narrative. Even though Danger: Diabolik proudly flaunts its camp nature around, it actually takes its story very seriously for some ridiculous reason. And as a result, the experience is sporadically entertaining at best. This leaves the film with a simplistic story that plays around with a collection of themes on the surface level, too cheap to actually find anytthing to do with them. The subject matter in the story means that there is some counterculture value in the anti-establishment plot points, but in all essence the film is bereft of characterization or plot development since it is simply there to exploit an anti-conventional ideology. Alas, it is so anti-conventional that it is far from innovative. Rather than finding a balance between being a legitimate spy film and a parody of one in any sensible manner, Danger: Diabolik takes all the talking that comes with the genre and none of the action. Despite the over the top set pieces, Danger: Diabolik just drags on and expects viewers to admire the imagery for just being there instead of for actually having any relevance to building up any kind of fun action. But it doesn't really have a chance since the film feels so cheap anyway.The notably cheap elements of the film at laughable, and the comic value they add to the feature really benefits the experience. But at the same time, this is a problem because it does not boost the credibility of the film. Yielding opposite results, it decreases them and makes the film better in the process. So Danger: Diabolik stands up as a film which is better for being worse. It's a shame that no great film came from a production crew that calls throwing a toy a vehicle into a body of water and pretending that it's a stunt. But the fact that this is the most entertaining stunt in the film should really say something about what kind of a feature the viewer is in for. Danger: Diabolik might succeed to some extent as a film which is so bad that it's good if it actively embraced more of these sequences, but it just spends so much time wasting viewers through a series of thinly scripted sequences of dialogue. There is nothing interesting that any of the characters have to say, so I can't understand why the film insists on dragging on for so long. Perhaps it is just an attempt to disguise the low budget of the film and the fact that it cannot afford any major stunts.And since the film is short on character, there is no cast members left there to save it. One might hope that since much of the film seems to go after the 1960's party scene there would be a touch of nudity here or there. But in actuality, there is minimal sex appeal to be found within any of the cast members. The film goes out of its way to censor any potential nudity, so there is no edge to be found in any facet of the film. This reflects a lot about the film, predominantly the fact that it is so desperate in its attempt to try and play it safe that it refuses to deliver just cause to the audience.So Danger: Diabolik has the potential to be a fun low-budget Italian action film with a gleeful sense of silliness to it, but the imbalance between being a legitimate spy film and and a counterculture experiment coupled with the most minimal production values leaves the feature thinly scripted, slow and bereft of thrills.

Jocey D (de) wrote: Rich narrative of what it can be? celebrity isn't always what it seems. Famous people are only ordinary human beings. It was an interesting movie. Well casted.

Danny W (nl) wrote: Horrible animation and story equals horrible film

Steve D (au) wrote: Unwatchable even for a meat loaf fan