In the 21st Century, cybernetic research has developed advanced robots with human traits, whioch are widely used in the service industry. They have also been turned into cyber cops with a licence to kill....

It's up to police lieutenant Jack Floyd and one of the cybernauts, who is on the right side of the law, to bring the robots down on their killing rampage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


T-Force torrent reviews

Tom H (es) wrote: Intense portrait of Don McCullin, war photographer. Clever mix of interviews he has given over the years, actual footage from the theaters he covered and, of course, his photographs. At the age of 75, he takes a look back, and his honesty is overwhelming. Apart from it being a review of his life, it is also a comment on humanity and the changes that have taken place in journalism over the years. Not easy viewing, but definitely an eye-opener.

Olly H (de) wrote: i liked it most of the time...i dont know the book...but i think its a nice movie for a rainy sunday afternoon

Chrissie C (us) wrote: I watched this with my Mom, it meant a lot to both of us... It was beautiful. Made us laugh, made us cry, made us think of good and not so good times... Beautiful.

Susannah K (ag) wrote: Dunaway at her loveliest.

QIUCHEN L (kr) wrote: not everyone can be that lucky

Todd B (it) wrote: Not typical, but okay