Ta opla mou rihnoun louloudia

Ta opla mou rihnoun louloudia


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Bryan W (ca) wrote: A strange and brilliant... thing. I'm not sure what it is, but it's unique, it's creative, it's sad. It's Moodysson.

Susan B (jp) wrote: Sad but life-affirming at the same time. Fred Phelps is going to hell.

Atul R (au) wrote: Good movie. Some part of this movie was over rated. Music is good. Esha Deol did good job.

Four Star F (ca) wrote: This was an ambitious Veggie Tales film that tells an important Biblical story in Jonah in a way only Veggie Tales could. In my mind the original half an hour shows were better.

Sam M (us) wrote: Almost 'too' interesting.

Atteli09 (es) wrote: Jodie Foster, Ellen Barkin

Chris P (br) wrote: Robert Forster and Fred Williamson wipe the scum off the New York City streets.

Matt C (us) wrote: Excellent...worthy of its BAFTA wins.

Shawn W (es) wrote: A film with a message. Makes a decent statement on the effect the deforestation of the Amazon on natives who not only lose their home and are often exploited afterwards but hasn't stopped us from cutting down the rainforest.

Gunpowder B (us) wrote: With the adrenaline of an action film and the ironic relief of a satire, Three Kings illustrates Russell's versatility and intensity, equally relaying causality, political affectation, fraternity, and mortality, pressing forth requisite viewing for anyone interested in, or uncertain as to, how the Iraqi quagmire was borne.