Ta oporofora tis Athinas

Ta oporofora tis Athinas


A writer, locked in his house, writes about a young man who wanders in Athens and tries its fruits. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dreux D (ca) wrote: Complete and total crap. A beautifully realized portrait, my ass - my 12-year old kid has made better movies than this overblown drivel. This movie was so slow and boring, it still had no pacing, even though I played it at 2x speed. Bad acting, poor sound, useless dialog and no plot. 97 mins you'll wish you had back, you've been warned.

Cynthia S (br) wrote: Odd movie. I didn't really understand what the point of it all was..

Joe W (br) wrote: CONTAINS SPOILERS: I love Rik and Ade and the TV series but this movie doesn't work for me. There were a few scenes I found funny such as the kitchen fight, Richie wearing the bikini and trying to hide from everyone and the "I want to eat it naked" was very well done. But sadly, those are the only scenes I liked. Yes, the vomit scene at the end was gross and I still have nightmares about it. Especially when Richie, Eddie and Gina get chased by the big ball of vomit. I'll give it a point for imagination but it's just so gross. It seemed funny on paper, but on film, not so much. Also, why did the guests go into the corridor to vomit and why did they vomit all over the bad guy? They don't even Know this guy. The villain goes flying out the window and drowns in the sea. That's great. A group of innocent people just killed someone.All the guests go into quarantine and what happens to the poisoners? They get tickets to the Caribbean. Oh wow. I feel sorry for those guests. Overall, I didn't like this film. It just made feel comfortable. I'll just stick with the TV show.

John B (us) wrote: This one is so quiet that I even forgot watching it.

Knox M (mx) wrote: The second best Star Trek film, The Undiscovered Country is excellent science fiction.

Paul J (ru) wrote: This is one of the more sophisticated video nasties - it makes all the rest seem very trashy. The acting is decent (especially the Priest), the story solid and the horror quite terrifying. In fact, the film is extremely creepy. There are one or two images that would most definitely have traumatized me as a child. Siblings be warned: you may not look at your sister quite the same way again. There's also one helluva nasty dog. Why was it banned? Perhaps it was the power drill jammed into the dog's skull. Or else the little girl smashing a rock repeatedly into her sister's face. Enough said.

Anton B (es) wrote: The first half of the movie, about the near-destruction of the human race by the robotic Cylons, is an adequate space epic. The second half of the movie is pretty bad.

Stephen H (ca) wrote: Could of been filled with background on everyone. The whole movie was slightly rushed.

Kevin R (gb) wrote: This movie reminded me of "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte", but then this was made three years before that one. I wonder if this movie influenced the script or story of that. Well, either way I like this one better. Maybe it's because Susan Strasberg is easier on the eyes than Bette Davis, lol. Maybe it's because the music isn't so over-the-top, purposely scary. This twists at the end are they payoff for your patience. And even I didn't see the last one coming...or going as the case may be. Enjoy! It's worth watching.

Stanley K (au) wrote: Underrated, though much depends on your interpretation of the final 30 minutes

Farsheed F (it) wrote: I always wonder how they keep making more of these and then I realized I'm the problem

Brian C (es) wrote: Some good moments and interesting characters, but the overdubbed voices were horrendous. The audio rarely synched and just didn't work.

Dave J (es) wrote: Monday, December 16, 2013 (2011) Exit Humanity WESTERN DRAMA HORROR Straight-to-rental and low budget that acts like a cross between "The Last Man On Earth", "The Omega Man" and "28 Days Later" perhaps the Western equivalent of "Dawn Of The Dead" with a new kind of setting which takes place during the "Civil War" centering on a narration involving the first time the central character noticed zombies. What this film does well is that it focuses more on the after effects toward it's human characters than on the gore stuff which not many zombie films do well very often- hence the title "Exit Humanity". It has Edward Young (Mark Gibson) writing a 'journal' narrated by Brian Cox about his own experiences living with zombies as well as the effects it has on other people 5 years later after the Civil War and then attempting to settle down with a wife and son. It's the most unlikely scenario since the civil war has already been a part of history ,so it's defined as a what if scenario! The breakout of zombies serves as a backdrop to the journal aspect of it which can be moving and sincere, and is an idea that has "never" been done before(at least as far as I know). The low budget production is sometimes evident as soon as some of the zombies are shown since some look fake meaning the budget restraints may have been compromised to resort to animated drawn sequences. Perhaps if the movie is remade again but with a much larger budget, my rating may have been higher. 2.5 out of 4 stars