Tabamata ime

Tabamata ime

The 6 short films of "Tabamata ime" are based on Edward Vilde's play of the same name first published in 1912. Vilde's play is about a young piano player Leo Saalep, who returns to his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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George I (au) wrote: It's not shot on video, but I think this might be badly edited episodes of a TV series. I see a couple of familiar Shaw Bros. faces (don't recognize the names in the credits), and the fight choreography seems reminiscent of Shaw production. Worth watching even though it's mostly crap. Well worth the buck for this and Ninja Death III.

Dayna N (jp) wrote: I watched squeal last night and I wanted to scream.Scream because I wasted 6 bucks on demand for this ridiculous boring snooze fest.OK a family of mutant pig people.Papa pig,Mama pig and baby pig "who loves putting lipstick on his snout" live way in the country "of course" and I don't mind cliches' I thrive on the formulas that make slashers what they are. Some 20' somethings breakdown and get captured by Porky and his son,they are thrown in cages and that is basically the plot.Most of the movie takes place watching people scream in cages.The "gore" is cheaply done and not satisfying at all.I love a good indie slasher but please..I had my finger on the FF button through most of the movie.I didn't really FF it that much so I could really watch it and explain exactly how disappointed you will be if you waste your money on this trash.Yes,the pig man simulates sex with a couple of women but he never takes off his clothes because they could only afford to throw a pig mask on his face,no money for body makeup.Bottom line,SKIP IT faster than Dorothy did down the yellow Brick Road.

Lauren H (de) wrote: FLIP SPOILER: How progressive! Have the lesbian kill herself in the end, but at least her beloved runs off with a woman!

Al N (it) wrote: watchable(just!!) british gangster flick but worries me when i watch a film and the best performance is by Lennox Lewis as a Rasta DJ!!

Caitlin F (it) wrote: An interesting and engaging 'Little Engine That Could' chronicle of GNU and the Linux OS.

David W (kr) wrote: A product of it's time, but About A Boy does deliver good performances and tries to be different unlike the usual chick-flick

Chessie R (au) wrote: My goodness. Well my 6th grade core teacher is in this film and it's quite a hoot to see someone who taught you about english run around and get killed. This movie was so bad it was fantastic.

kwanjana k (mx) wrote: Always check in the trunk of the car you want to steal, there might be an excess baggage! The plot was funny, that's why i watched it.

Rob F (mx) wrote: Amazing cinematography and music makes this film. Somehow it makes you care about these pricks.

Ray D (gb) wrote: About as good as a Disney comedy about US soldiers air-delivering an elephant to a village during the Vietnam war to buy off the natives could be, which is to say, not so good that you won't feel guilty about watching it, but not so bad that you can't kind of enjoy it. The ensemble cast (Ray Liotta, Danny Glover, Doug E. Doug, Denis Leary, etc) are solid, but the real star IS the elephant (for people who really like elephants, this probably qualifies as a three-star movie)

Tre Bluey O (es) wrote: Kurt Russell has to kick some ass yet again.

Guy B (br) wrote: Documentary as an epic; tonal, poetic, elegiac, highly moving, breathtaking cinematography. This film does not feature Christie Binkley or Cheryl Tiegs. Or Dan Rather. It does feature Philip Glass.

Isao M (ca) wrote: This is even before tracksuits, gold chains, and kangol hats. Real raw stuff from the hip hop early days. But the actors were real graffiti artists and rappers although they don't really look like stars at all!

Andy P (it) wrote: Scorsese's risky and ambitious musical is uneven, over-long and somewhat lacking in coherence, however it is littered with moments of ingenuity and the manic intensity of De Niro's performance provides endless joy.

Anna H (jp) wrote: This movie was so stupid that it was almost amusing. Hilarious!

Katie L (kr) wrote: Pepi was the best! (Peter Lorre)

Tim N (ag) wrote: One of the unfunniest romantic-comedies ever in history.

Zequn R (gb) wrote: It is a good movie for me. It is kind of educational and teaches people love is not just a feeling. It needs skills and knowledge. Good movie

Jared B (ru) wrote: Funny, a movie that put Dreamworks Animation on the map.

Michael S (au) wrote: An uncommonly brilliant and well made independent period piece. Using a simple premise to tell a complex story of everything from friendship to racism to finding your way in this world. The direction is subtle, the performances ripe with authenticity and the camerawork is just lovely to boot. This movie may have just snuck it's way onto my top films of 2014 which is impressive since I'd never even heard of it until stumbling across it on Netflix Instant. Watch this one if you get the chance!