Table for Three

Table for Three

A suddenly single guy invites what he thinks is a perfect couple to move into his apartment, only to discover they quickly insert themselves into all aspects of his life.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A suddenly single guy invites what he thinks is a perfect couple to move into his apartment, only to discover they quickly insert themselves into all aspects of his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spanky W (ca) wrote: Suspencful, heart wrenching and highly entertaining.

Thomas B (mx) wrote: Don't waist your time watching this flop!

Andrew D (au) wrote: Funny in the various shows and films he's appeared in (except for his latest porn star movie), but this is like a poor man's Dane Cook/Brian Regan, with a few jokes from Seinfeld thrown in.

Tim G (jp) wrote: It's just not fair...this was a REALLY good werewolf movie. I like that the wolf could talk, I like that it could think coherently, and I like the characters, the acting, the story....this is just such a great movie all around and I'd really like to buy it....but there's just so much profanity, so much nudity, and sosososoSO much gore....all those elements are so unnecessary and I refuse to purchase any movie with so much of them. :( I wish they'd left all that out.

Sreeja N (mx) wrote: A mellow, yet pleasant film with an amazing story and complex characters. The cover was misleading, but it's far from one of those self-absorbed, "look at how edgy we are" flicks.

Rachel F (jp) wrote: meh. not the best of bollywood, but not bad. Shows how hard marriage can be.

Aarias D (ca) wrote: If I can sum up this movie into one word, it would be "lazy". Just lazy. Next friday takes the most memorable quotes... and thats it. It offers no real challenge or tries to be funny or as funny as the first. It dosn't learn from the first and takes the mistakes from the first and adds new problems on top of them. It's plotless, has no memorable characters, and no memorable dialouge. I'm honestly looking forward to Monday now.

Simon M (ru) wrote: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Denise K (ag) wrote: God I love John Travolta movies

Carlos M (ru) wrote: Spike Jonze's auteurish adaptation of Maurice Sendak's classic children's book is dark, visually haunting and more adult in tone than the original story, taking us on a melancholy journey into a kid's inner self where his wild things are.

David L (kr) wrote: Love Happy" is remembered, primarily, as the last "Official" Marx Brothers film (they would all appear in brief vignettes in "The Story of Mankind", seven years later, but not as a team), but if the film were a baseball statistic, it would have an asterik (*), because it truly isn't a showcase of the brothers, together, but a comedy starring Harpo, with Chico in a supporting role, and Groucho doing narration, and making brief appearances, occasionally (rather like the "General Electric Theater" TV episode the brothers would do, in 1959, where Harpo and Chico played crooks with hearts of gold, and Groucho would make a surprise appearance at the finale, as their lawyer).As a comedy, "Love Happy" is so-so, with Harpo providing some genuine laughs, particularly during an interrogation scene with villains Raymond Burr, Ilona Massey, Eric Blore, and Bruce Gordon, and in the rooftop finale, with Harpo offering the same kind of outrageous physical humor that he had demonstrated in the classic MGM comedies. But the rest of the plot, while mildly entertaining, is simply a musical variation of "Room Service", as an impoverished group of performers (headed by Paul Valentine and future star Vera-Ellen) struggle to put on a Broadway musical.The back story of the film is possibly more entertaining than the movie, itself; Harpo had wanted to make a solo film throughout the forties, and had tinkered on the script for several years, while soliciting financial backing for the project. Chico, meanwhile, was running up huge gambling debts, as was often the case (while a brilliant card player, he was a notoriously bad gambler), and just as the Marxes had made "A Night in Casablanca", in 1946, to pay off his debts at that time, Harpo brought him into "Love Happy" to do the same. Unfortunately, the end of the decade was a depressed time for film making (with television making inroads into the ticket-buying public), and backers would only fund the project if all three brothers would appear in the movie.Groucho, by now a genuine TV star, thanks to the "You Bet Your Life" quiz show, hated the script of "Love Happy", and had little desire to co-star in the film. He was, however, loyal to his brothers, and finally reached a compromise; he would only appear briefly, would not have to wear his trademark greasepaint eyebrows and mustache, and would have final approval of his dialog and the performers working with him. He could honestly say he helped 'discover' Marilyn Monroe, at an open audition (watching two other starlets walk across a stage, followed by Marilyn, when asked for his pick for a small role, he raised his eyebrows and quipped, "You're kidding, right?")Be warned: While "Love Happy" is not terrible, it certainly is no "Night at the Opera", or "Duck Soup"!

Eva G (nl) wrote: Not bad, but it's never quite able to build up tythe suspense, and the final act feels a bit rushed.

Ilsa L (de) wrote: Absolutely delightful comedy with an amazing cast and a great script.

Dr F P (fr) wrote: You'd think it was awful, and you'd probably be right but i just can't get over how wonderful Estelle Getty is in this. I just want to take her home and keep her and just go everywhere with her and be her friend and buy her sawn off shotguns for my evil bidding. Yes, that's right me and Tutti will rule the world! We will kick ass, take names and joy ride in golf carts. It's true, Stop or my Mom will Shoot isn't a great movie, everything about it pretty much sucks but i can't help but like it.