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Tacho torrent reviews

Tyler B (kr) wrote: Worst movie EVER The creepiest thr most childish 4 year olds movie ever THIS IS THE WORST MOVIE EVER MADE

Scott C (kr) wrote: It's not flashy, but it's a well told story with an important message.

Martina C (nl) wrote: Found it somewhat predictable. No twists in this tale at all. Not very exciting.

Mike L (mx) wrote: Not all that bad for a low budget film, actually...some decent actors and ideas...a few almost Hitchcockian moments, even which was kinda cool. Pretty lame ending tho...

Brian P (it) wrote: Pretty bad, pretty terrible, pretty horrible. Do I need to say anymore then that?

Miguel R (ag) wrote: Packed with swashbuckling action and some witty humor, True Lies an engaging action packed thrill ride from James Cameron

June G (us) wrote: Roughly the Gay vrs of Thelma and Loise before the later came out.

Brian I (ca) wrote: Fun but the same joke over and over. Love claymation!

Bill K (au) wrote: Take all the elements from HALLOWEEN & FRIDAY THE 13TH that were good & then do a piss poor job imitating it. Plus bad dubbing, SHIT music & incest; in that order. The few deaths are stupidly funny.

Gabriel C (ru) wrote: It's a fun idea, but Bedtime Stories doesn't seem to know what to do with it and Sandler is on autopilot.

Yunhi O (br) wrote: [spoiler and bad puns alert] Those eyes, they communicate much more than words. Along with several metaphorical acts, the story constructs a believable intimacy between master and maid. The film may lack a satisfying climax, but that perhaps perfectly illustrates the tension between the taciturn characters. What is fulfilling in this film is the eyeful of Vermeer-esque cinematography. The light and dark, the composition, the colors--a work of beauty. It's a slow and quiet film where some loves are secret and selfish because of circumstances of the time; I'm not sure about the depth of its implications, but it's certainly a painterly love story.

Casey B (gb) wrote: A fun slice of dysfunctional family. Slums tackles serious topics with a lightheaded, bittersweet tone and wonderful actors perfectly cast. My only criticism is that there isn't much here that hasn't been tackled in other coming of age flicks (then again, I'm seeing it for the nearly first time nearly a decade and a half after it came out).

Brian S (mx) wrote: I think the Disney people had a wild idea to make a live-action movie about two kids with magic powers to help show off their Disney-ness. they didn't have any real good story ideas, they just wanted to get the sucker made. the result, I imagine, was this movie. the story is awful. the children's dialogue is some of the worst expositional nonsense I've ever heard (although their acting, given the circumstances, isn't half bad). the adult characters were vapid cliches and the star casting was just insulting. if you want to show kids spaceships and dancing puppets, take them to a planetarium or theatre--don't drain their brain cells and yours with this movie.