In this action thriller, drug kingpins battle law enforcers in a vicious cycle of violence after a murder witness goes missing.

A murder witness loses his memory in an accident, and is tracked by the Special Forces and the drug lords. Amidst the battle between the forces of law and evil, murders are committed, hits ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tactical torrent reviews

Tom S (gb) wrote: Not morally empty as many have labeled it -- it's really about the newlywed and his deciding not to act (note the focus on his shirt -- "Integrity Lost is Integrity Lost Forever" -- but the film's flaw is that much of it doesn't feel made by a skilled artisan. The cavernous interiors are often soundtracked by ominous dissonant music (ooh), the title has a sword cut through it, the film ends with a loud slam indicating its own self-importance.

Kesha K (es) wrote: i like the girls blue boots.

Wes S (de) wrote: It may be subpar compared to Twister, but there are good reasons to like it. True, the drama is thin, and there's more chasing than tornadoes, but this is one of those cult-based films to watch for the people. Bruce Campbell and Ernie Hudson make a interesting and fun duo. Even if the thrills never take off, those two made it a easy watch.

Matt M (mx) wrote: Despite the likeability of Romano and James, this film is simple unable to be funny.

Patrisa S (nl) wrote: good movie, nice songs.

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.


Stuart D (mx) wrote: Stacy Keach & Jamie Lee Curtis (though under used), a nice little road/thriller movie, if slightly by the numbers.

Kristal C (gb) wrote: Gable and Tracy are excellent as expected but I'm really not fond of Jeanette MacDonald - she's not a a great actress and although I know her style of singing was popular at the time (hello, Deanna Durbin) I can't abide it, it's like nails on a chalkboard to me. Perhaps I would have liked this film more if it had featured another actress and if all of those songs hadn't been shoehorned in, which would have left more time for filling out the pretty thin story. On the plus side, "Blackie Norton" is the best name ever for a bad boy with a heart of gold.

Hector C (au) wrote: excelente adaptacion de esta leyenda urbana