Tactical Unit - Comrades in Arms

Tactical Unit - Comrades in Arms

Two tactical unit leaders are forced to put aside their differences to help catch a group of robbers.

Two tactical unit leaders are forced to put aside their differences to help catch a group of robbers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tactical Unit - Comrades in Arms torrent reviews

Uur H (ca) wrote: fda bu ilaci onaylamali! :)))

Akin O (nl) wrote: a real comedy......very funny movie......

ANDERSON G (es) wrote: "Millenium - the men who did not love women," for that is, what a strong name, just as the film is also strong, with a seven-faced and a zoadic painted, fincher's investigative suspense hits again. We have here a very well worked script, not only in the construction and immersion of what is being investigated, but in the construction of an environment as a whole, its two protagonists are spectacularly presented and developed, all their nuances and dikes are shown, not always Played in the viewer's face, but for those who are paying attention, he perceives everything that guides our protagonists, just as the Vanger family, all their hatred of inheritance, their feuds and disagreements are extremely immersive, fault of this excellent fincher script that tells the story of Mikael Bomkvist (Daniel Craig) and Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara), a man who lives within social standards but is professionally discredited and a woman living out of social standards very professionally credited, the two unite to investigate a case in a family, Where there has been a disappearance more than 30 years. The film talks about invasion of privacy, domestic violence and abuse in a rough way, is like a punch in the stomach, the character of Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara) is incredible, a Gothic, with a completely opposite look of what is described in Social conventions that fight against itself in a search for something real. Technically, the film is very good, first the photography, we have nothing from another world, but the photography is always sober, gray, with darker tones, very traditional Fincher films, except in moments of flashbacks, there the Lighter tones take over, the film is clear and with a paler color palette, we can observe a care in this matter in every film, and the soundtrack is always sagacious, nothing memorable, but it is there, always. Rooney Mara, accustomed to cute roles is here completely decharacterized, and makes a very sober acting, just like her partner. Finally, "Millenium - Men who did not love women" is a movie that pleases.

Christian C (ag) wrote: Come on! Seriously?!

Ray S (fr) wrote: Complete mess of a movie. Incomprehensible plot, bad acting, crappy fight scenes. Still, I've never seen a movie where a Finnish guy pretends to be a Chinese guy who speaks very bad Mandarin. Gotta give the filmmakers credit for that piece of unintentional hilarity.

David J (it) wrote: Second half got too twisty and preposterous because the first half tried to portray the film as a simple electronic heist film.

Jerrica B (ca) wrote: I heard about this movie after looking into the Elisa Lam murder. If you know of the case it makes the movie interesting and at times a little eery from the similarities throughout the movie that mirror facts about the Elisa Lam murder. With all that high strangeness aside, it really wasn't that great of a movie and mostly boring, Jennifer Connelly wasn't that great and the most interesting character was Tim Roth and he doesn't even make an appearance until the middle of the movie.

Mark A (ru) wrote: An underdeveloped mess from start to finish

Alex Z (br) wrote: Still my favorite movie/anime of all time

Adam R (us) wrote: A classic comedy that pokes fun at our corporate world. It really hits the mark! (First viewing - Teen years)

Phillip R (fr) wrote: best movie I've seen in a long time

Bill B (ca) wrote: Van Damme playing twins again, which seems to be a recurring theme for him for whatever reason. With a brother he never knew that he had killed, a French cop is forced to dig deeper into his life, in a trail that leads him to the super hot Natasha Henstridge, his dead brother's girlfriend. This is a very pleasant turn of events, I can assure you.It's a watchable action flick, Henstridge is gorgeous, Van Damme is in top form here, give it a rental.

Prashant W (ru) wrote: must watch for all film students

Scott R (nl) wrote: Good prison break film.

Stuart K (ag) wrote: Directed by Alberto De Martino (Holocaust 2000 (1977) and Blood Link (1982)), this Italian horror film was a quick and cheap way to cash in on the success of The Exorcist (1973). It was done on the hoof, and it shows. But there's something quite entertaining about it, the whole thing comes across as the 1970's Eurohorror equivalent of those "Inspired by True Events" horror films, only this is better. In Rome, Ippolita (Carla Gravina) is a paralyzed young woman who has been struggling for years to come to terms with her mother's death, and she seems to be losing faith in God, and it unlocks something in her mind, and she remembers herself in a past life, as a witch during the Spanish Inquisition. This also leads to explicit sexual fantasies involving the devil. This actually enables her to walk for the first time in years, but it leads to her murdering young men around Rome, her father Massimo (Mel Ferrer), calls upon the services of his brother Bishop Ascanio Oderisi (Arthur Kennedy) and Father Mittner (George Coulouris) to exorcise Ippolita. While it looks like a carbon copy of The Exorcist, look closer, it isn't exactly, this is quite arty, and it boasts some good blue-screen effects and a very eerie score by Ennio Morricone. It's a bit of an overlooked and somewhat misunderstood curiousity in European horror cinema.

Dyron W (de) wrote: Nasty, crazy, and funny as hell.

doris c (kr) wrote: good...entertaining..

Rawballs B (us) wrote: The movie will suck if the leading actress cannot handle her character.. thank God its Jodie Foster...

Ryan R (gb) wrote: One of the best Western's I've ever seen.

Spencer G (es) wrote: I imagine a lot of people will find this infuriating. Totally twisted yet utterly compelling. The best way to describe it, erm... Eternal Pigsty Of The Wormless Mind.