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IOnell S (gb) wrote: Bueno algunas risas si me saco pero esas cursilerias ya aburren. Una version cantinflas de esta historia seria mucho mejor. En fin es un buen comienzo para esta nueva ola de spanglish movies.

Stamatia S (mx) wrote: Has its moments and demonstrates excellent acting by Fey

Kate D (de) wrote: I was really confused with the movie's "time" - they looked like cavemen, but spoke with medieval flair. Quite confused, particularly with the references to God, etc., but then it came to me. Not the best of movies with B grade acting and of course, the women are all modelesque - not quite real. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. This is definitely a "lose some" case.

Matthew C (de) wrote: One of my absolute favorites.


Joel K (br) wrote: Important, you should watch it.

Gaspar O (de) wrote: Al Bundy and a very young Ethan Embry...what's not to like? What if I add a touch of E.G. Daily as a hooker and a small role by an extremely young Will Estes? No? Well, piss off then, I liked it!

Aaron G (jp) wrote: Pocahontas did it better.

Louis F (gb) wrote: One of the best movies I have ever seen.I want to live in this movie. Criminally under rated and almost totally forgotten, it's fucking epic in scope.It deals with all the big themes baby, and deals with them in a way you haven't seen a million times before, with a Renaissance Fair, on motorcycles.Awesome. I was glued to the screen the entire time. So good.

Blind P (mx) wrote: Big gay fun for everyone until the money is gone, and then we are done. Fox is a poor carnie thrust out of his job when the boss is publicly arrested at a show. His distinguishing ideal is that he vehemently believes he will win the lotto. So, of course he does. From there the big gay fun really begins. Sharks circle the waters looking for prey, and the newly minted boy is ripe for the picking. Brought into a society that prides itself for its class, all along the way their personal conceits are exposed and they turn out to be the ugly humans all the rest of us are. The film will challenge the homophobe with its casual shots of full frontal male nudity, but there is nothing hardcore shown regarding sexuality. I was engaged at points, while at others the film meandered and lost momentum. Really, for its bleak conclusion that people will sink to any level to make use of others for personal advantage, its truth raised my esteem. Where the hell did the alternate title "Fist-Fight Of Freedom" come from? I can't see how it applies.

Simona D (de) wrote: Jazz music,Paris,Paul Newman,Sidney Poitier,Louis Armstrong,what else can I say?

Justin F (jp) wrote: The opening scene, when we first meet Christopher Lee's Dracula, is genius in how the actor, humble and friendly, slyly but thoroughly subverts the grandiosity of Bela Lugosi's Dracula.

Amanda T (es) wrote: have seen it i think its a great movie

Francisco F (ca) wrote: Tentative rate de film noir l'ancienne. Nick Nolte reste impressionnant.