Tag-ulan ngayon... Ang bukid ay basa 2

Tag-ulan ngayon... Ang bukid ay basa 2


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Tag-ulan ngayon... Ang bukid ay basa 2 torrent reviews

Raelene H (mx) wrote: A wonderful little movie. Well acted and a true story about the youngest Spitfire pilot during the Battle of Britain. Gave a great look into what these young men went through during the early days of the war. Great footage of Spitfires in combat.

Zandra E (gb) wrote: The info is sound, but Jesus Christ, this movie is boring. The narrator's voice is also kind of grating. I will never believe that vegetarianism is the answer for everyone, but Paleo, Mediterranean, veganism, Keto, and other diets based in whole foods are key to us getting healthier as a nation. Every road is different for everyone, but over processed foods just aren't good for you when it is the core of your nutrition.

andrew b (nl) wrote: for a low budget film, the hordes of zombies are quite menacing

Marc G (ca) wrote: I have always liked Ron Livingston. He did a really good job in this inspiring, based on a true story film.

David S (ca) wrote: Good action sequences highlight this slightly above-average action-thriller. Nothing strikingly original but it is competent.

Lysa M (ag) wrote: Campy like a 90s gay movie.

Halsey L (ru) wrote: i really liked this movie. it is a well told story with a great naration.

Matthew L (mx) wrote: Memory and the rule of thumb that all franchises follow the 'law of diminishing returns' took a bit of a kick in the nuts with this one. True the bar was never set high by the franchise but after the lackluster PA4:COP, the only way really was up.So after being generally relegated to the background in what was their own franchise, the remaining original characters are once again front and centre. Sadly missing is Guttenberg who was last seen flying away with Sharon Stone, though fear not Matt McCoy is on hand in a role that was clearly meant to be Guttenbergs and the only real change is the name and his relationship to Lassard. What also struck me this time around is the prominence of black leads in this film, Smith, Winslow, Ramsey and Thacker, with Thacker being the only minor character from a previous film carried over. In fact its probably because of this that original cast members come off so well, with less minor characters occupying the running time the cast all get decent moments on screen, hell there is even something resembling a plot this time around. Whilst PA2:TFA suffered from removing the characters from the Academy this time around they actually benefit from it.

Akira J (es) wrote: A nice coming of age/buddy cop style movie that's also good at showing all aspects of what being in the army really does to a person. A very good fun movie to watch.

Austin W (ca) wrote: this film is the direct sequel to one of the greatest films of the century. godzilla raids again dissipoints. it does introduce angiuris and set the precedent for all future godzilla movies which keeps it from being a bad movie. but it lacks the power and sophistication that made its predecessor so great while offering little to redeem itself.

Brad S (fr) wrote: - 2nd time watching, a guilty pleasure. Not a good movie, a poor script and bad weak performance from Aaron Paul almost sink it, but Imogen Poots and the cars are great, so I enjoyed watching this bad movie again. Skip it.- A weak script kills the one, but the cars are outstanding. Aaron Paul isn't a leading actor in my opinion, at least not with a script like this. It just doesn't work. Skip it!