Tag-ulan noon, ang bukid ay basa

Tag-ulan noon, ang bukid ay basa


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Tag-ulan noon, ang bukid ay basa torrent reviews

Deepak V (kr) wrote: Critics might call it an Asian version of Liam Neeson's Taken, but this movie has got more to it than whats there in Taken. Rani steals the play.

Anup T (de) wrote: Lara Dutta cannot act therefore the film basically falls on Vinay's shoulders & after a while it just about gets boring to be perfectly honest.

Adrian S (kr) wrote: For sheer cunning in scriptwriting, About Elly aces! As with the highly-lauded A Separation, Iranian maestro Asghar Farhadi is at the peak of his powers with this chilling twisty-turny thriller that examines (with scalpel-precision) the devastating consequences of lies. Though it starts off deceptively-perky (though peppered with nuanced foreshadowing), Elly starts plunging the viewer into psychological unease as lie after lie are laid bare after a near-tragedy. Sure to please fans of Hitchcock!

Jonathan P (us) wrote: Depressing as can be Spring 1941 leaves viewers fighting back tears of anger and sadness. Playing on the emotions of the Nazi crimes Spring 1941 easily evokes emotion but feels a bit cliche which in the end really hurts it's overall effect. Still a fine movie in the WWII library even if a bit forced.

Faysal D (ca) wrote: One of the most brutal, scariest best films i ever seen that won almsot 10 awards ever, if you ever had a weak stomach please do yourself a favor either close your eyes or just pretend you didn't see it all.This film is nothing but survival against someone who pulled the phone wire which will show the scare and the biggest fright of your life.The first time you watch this film this will give you nightmares. Trust me.

Cameo L (it) wrote: This movie was a really cute kids movie.

James W (ca) wrote: heart-felt film that shows the highs and lows of a family with autistic twins. I thought the way this movie was portrayed was beautifully done from the expression on the actors faces to the music which blended in beautifully. A couple of things to note, for people who doubt Zac Efron's acting ability he really came through here, portraying an autistic boy is not easy for any actor but he pulled it off nicely. The way the film showed that they can still achieve if they believe in themselves and not see their condition as a handicap was nice to see and to see it was based on a true story at the end made it such a fulfilling movie to see. Great.

Fagatron P (ru) wrote: my first five star film. it might be dated but I still love this film... what a pleasure to watch and the soundtrack is awesome.

Peter W (it) wrote: The scene where she makes out with the flesh wall is classic.

Erika F (ru) wrote: I can't remember if its a true story or not, but I liked this film. Almost a Mickey and Mallory scenario of the good kind. However, the ending pissed me off.

Stephen C (jp) wrote: Underated and thats a shame as Walken is very good here as a mercenary for hire who becomes embroiled in African politics. Walken plays Shannon a gun for hire who's latest mission could get him killed even before he gets it off the ground. The film shows Shannon building his team and his gear for the final raid on a heavily fortified compound. It was when watching the raid i realised i has seen something similar in The Expendables right down to the dealy grenade launcher that Walken uses during the raid. The film also features Tom Berenger as Shannons gung ho number two .Colin Blakely as a helpful journalist and Paul Freeman as one of Shannons men. The film does get a little lost in the middle part ,but on the whole the film delivers enough slam bang action in its final third to keep the interest high. A well crafted and interesting war film with a fine political edge.

matt m (mx) wrote: Mifune is amazing in this one. Sad to know this is the last collaboration between Mifune and Kurosawa.

Ryan S (de) wrote: liked this movie thought it was really good

DC F (de) wrote: Psychological thriller that snuck up on me. I've heard about it my whole like and just recently saw it. Great for its disturbing senses that created a new sub-genre called "Psycho Biddy", lol.