Tai fong siu sau

Tai fong siu sau


Popular Hong Kong actor-filmmaker Sammo Hung directed himself in this amusing action-comedy in which he stars as Rice Pot, a highly skilled pickpocket who falls in love with a beautiful female police inspector. The inspector (Deanie Yip) decides that she will overlook Rice Pot's prodigious list of legal offenses if he steals a pouch from a gangster's courier (Peter Chan). Rice Pot's partner, Chimney (Frankie Chan), carries out the assignment, only to discover that the pouch contains a veritable trove of stolen diamonds. Before long, Rice Pot and Chimney are running for their lives from the mobsters, who are willing to kill to get the diamonds back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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P G (nl) wrote: Very charming and witty for an low budget, indie film. Giving it a full four stars since I think others have been overly harsh.

Jasmine E (br) wrote: Quick Questions, idiots. Seeing as I know ya'll don't have kids, why do you bother with Nickelodeon. And obviously, If you didn't like the first one, don't watch a sequel. IT'S FOR PRETEENS!!!! I swear there's some geniuses on this site!

Grant H (ag) wrote: Pretty bad movie. Admission wastes its likable leads on a poor script, and a slow, predictable, unfunny movie. There are chuckles to be had here and there, but overall, it's uninvolving and clich (C)d.

Akshay K (jp) wrote: Trust me , You Guys Will need Sleeping Pills!

Angie N (ag) wrote: I dont recommend you to watch it... But again, BYJ should always go with 5* rating :-) ... Go and watch Winter Sonata... Anyway, the soundtrack is good... I still keep playing it.

Janette R (mx) wrote: This film depicts when the wild west meets future technology, making quite the strange film. At least it wasn't a real western.

Apurva P (nl) wrote: Shabana Azmi has never given a better performance. It does not take you more than a few seconds to realize (all over again) what a great actress she is. Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, Annu Kapoor are great too. It is also a buddy movie - but a fairly serious one, took me back to my high school and college days in Delhi, India. One of those movies I can watch repeatedly and not get tired. Khandhar has won several awards and you can see why.

Jason H (de) wrote: Jackson and I watch this movie last night and I ask why doesn't Luke just use the Force to get back his care and Jackson turns to me and says, "Dad, Luke is just a regular guy in this movie - he doesn't have the Force!".

Jordon J (gb) wrote: A dead-in-the-soul cash grab of a movie set in the competitive world of B-boy dancing that thinks clichs, phony melodrama and product placement can substitute for real storytelling and actual characters. I say SKIP IT!!!

Paul D (fr) wrote: This movie is a bit of an erratic mess. I did enjoy the last half of it more than the first half, but ultimately it is a bit flawed. I love Ryan Reynolds, but he never really got to shine in this movie.

Linda M (au) wrote: Dennis Hopper is fab in this film - he's just so darn cool! Luv the sax playing... oh & the scene with the goat - was it a goat or a sheep? It's been a while - might watch it this weekend

Brett H (jp) wrote: A couple laughs tossed in and one absolutely hilarious treadmill scene, other than that it's nothing fresh.