Tai Hong 2

Tai Hong 2

4 sleazy ghost stories inspired by pulpy true-crime cases. Each segment is themed according to numbers, 14, 16, 15 and 13, which are referenced by such things as a button worn by a brothel worker, the room number in a run-down hotel or a record spinning a lullaby to lovers.

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Tai Hong 2 torrent reviews

Evelyn L (es) wrote: All stars attributed to my love!

Matthew P (br) wrote: "How Do You Know", simply put, is about nothing. How they got it to go just over two hours is perplexing.

Andrew G (au) wrote: A Teen movie with sparkling wit, great cast performances and a great story. A teen movie you can't help but love.

Brendan B (jp) wrote: Awesome show. The best from Cirque.

Gene A (nl) wrote: Dialog is excellent. Simple story but told Creatively. Characters done well. The ending was a little weak.

Eduardo C (fr) wrote: Bad italian movie with some good torture scenes.

Daniel W (it) wrote: You can't not enjoy Cushing and Lee when they're onscreen, but I wouldn't expect any faithfulness when it comes to adapting Stoker. The names are the same, mostly, but that's about it!

Serena B (it) wrote: This was Nicholas Ray's first film, an astonishing debut, especially considering that this was the studio era. What a natural filmmaker he was. Poignant love story beautifully acted by Farley Granger (who I usually find overemotional; here he's genuine and perfect) and the ethereal Cathy O'Donnell against a hash backdrop; even though these two people may be briefly redeemed through love, they can never outrun their past. Far better and more moving than Robert Altman's flat remake.

Tiuri E (ru) wrote: Enjoyable bit of cinematic history. Esther Williams movie debut featuring amazing water ballet scenes.

rainbodragon (ru) wrote: I wanted to follow her story, she was an interesting character. You get no back story, it's the kind of movie that drops you in. It was strangely hopeless and hopeful at the same time.

Milena S (ca) wrote: Wow! Really cool movie and very scary! I loved it very much and it scared my whole family! Ending was very cool and disturbing.

Brenden K (mx) wrote: Beverly Hills Cop is a fun, upbeat cop movie with a charismatic, relatable hero. It is an excellent action flick that doesn't need to be flashy to give you a thrilling story. A true 80's classic

Greg W (gb) wrote: reminded me of 'eddie and the cruisers' mixed with 'the commitments'

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