Tai ji quan

Tai ji quan

When not studying Tai Chi under the tutelage of Old Yeung, Ku Ding works as part of a crew building roads. When he and his colleagues are cheated out of half their money by corrupt foreman ...

When not studying Tai Chi under the tutelage of Old Yeung, Ku Ding works as part of a crew building roads. When he and his colleagues are cheated out of half their money by corrupt foreman ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mauricio M (ru) wrote: Que buena pelcula...divertida de principio a fin

Ryan S (ca) wrote: May be a little too out there and philosophical in some ways, but there is no denying that the cave itself is incredible and the documentary is quite powerful

Varcial D (nl) wrote: Okay.. at least for a Sci-Fi channel movie.

Josh L (gb) wrote: A serial killer hunting down and killing other serial killers makes for a very effective thriller.

Bill B (au) wrote: Such a fun little alien rip-off, filled with gratuitous nudity, a pretty corny looking mutant creature and the re-used sets from GALAXY OF TERROR, what's not to love? I really dug this, for all the same reasons as GOT, it's pretty bad by certain standards, but for the utter silliness and earnestness of ti all I think it's worth a look.Give it a rental.

Mark H (ca) wrote: I was somewhat surprised to see a 75% rating on RT, and I'm almost certain that was NOT the reception it received from critics in 1979. This movie, if I am not mistaken, was almost universally panned by critics back then. I don't know if people are sentimental about this movie, or if our standards and mindsets have changed. In any event, Meatballs is actually a very sweet film, unfairly criticized as an Animal House-type rip off. It's actually not very vulgar, or sexy, or offensive at all. Perhaps in 1979, people were more easily shocked? Meatballs features Bill Murray in his very first lead roll, and he carries the movie from start to finish. The history of how this movie got made, and how Murray was hardly a lock to play Tripper is worth a Google. Ivan Reitman wanted a shot at directing a teen comedy after he was denied the director's chair on Animal House. He produced it instead, and when given the chance, soon after directed Meatballs. This movie most likely would be long forgotten had Murray passed on it. However, there is just enough goofy camp situations and supporting character development to make this movie worth while. What is most surprising about this movie is how sentimental and sweet it really is. You have to be a fairly cynical person to dislike the harmlessness of this film. It isn't a great film by any means, but it manages to be a little touching, a little funny, and is very easy to watch. This is a good choice for young teenagers who desperately want to see Porky's or Animal House, but aren't old enough for that just yet. A nice effort from a virtual novice (in film) from Murray, the SNL newbie and National Lampoon alum. Worth a spot in the genre's hall of fame. Honorable mention, anyway.

Berni E (nl) wrote: Interesting watch......and easier viewing than Lisztomania!

Aj V (ag) wrote: The story is predictable and silly, but there are a handful of really hilarious scenes, which save the movie from being too bad.

Jack G (au) wrote: I prefer the 1956 version, mostly as it has more room to breathe in two hours and has Jimmy Stewart in the lead, a perfect fit for him. That said, Peter Lorre... good lord is he iconic and one of the very best Hitch villains (hell, put it at the top of his own oeuvre). It's as if Hitch wanted to reverse the order for the remake - get a star for the hero instead of the villain. The rest of the film around the characters is good, though it moves SO fast that it's really a set-piece film; a Sun Worshiper hypnotization here, the Albert Hall sequence there, and a real surprise and shock when that first bullet comes early in the film.

Sgt C (kr) wrote: (42%) Truth be told this is not one of my favourites, and even though Pam is perfect, I found it more dull than exciting/interesting, and more sleazy than sexy. It is one of - if not the very first movies ever to have a tough black woman as the main character, but on the other hand this still strongly feels like men (and white men at that) are well and truly pulling all the strings.