Tai yin zhi

Tai yin zhi


This creepy kung fu film fight-fest centers on the evil Madame Kung Sun and her poisonous "Finger of Doom", a unique supernatural power which allows her to transform normal, everyday people into horrifying zombies! In the face of this devastating talent, only one person has the guts to stop Madame Kung Sun in her chilling bid for martial arts supremacy - the villainess' own sister. But it's not something she can do alone, so this heroic young woman joins forces with three world-weary martial artists, The brothers-in-arms were actually looking to retire from the world of Jiang Hu, but now find themselves thrown back into the mix, embarking on one last mission to save the world from machinations of the venomous Madame Kung Sun! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos R (ru) wrote: So absurd that it becomes hilarious! The ending was really disturbing though.

Galvy F (ag) wrote: When we can recall the first time seeing some people calling on their help when they were needed at the right time. When we see the importance of what we are seeing to do it for others. When what we see we hide when dangers lurk. When what others see they wish to kill. When what we see we can't see when they are shape shifters that can change. When all we want to see is war and destruction when somethings stand in our way. When we see the right people up for the task. When we see others hunt for sport. When we see dangers all around to not know when death would come to places not many go to. When what we don't kill, we see growing into an army. When we see such things that grow are too evil to side with. When such places we see we need to be equipped and ready for the dark dangers that lurk. When what we don't need to see but feel know is growing. When we see such evils return to know it is hidden and unseen that is beyond others yo voyage but a few with powers. When we thst we only have one chance to do some things. When others see other things in us when we have changed but don't know but us. When we see some change is heading our way when something has been growing ready to takeover.When we see that following some paths take us in circles that we need to see from a different view to know the direction. When somethings we see we hide from when they see us as food. When we see we must fight our way when they over power us. When we see that holding on to somethings over power us when we can see evil in what others can't see but us to know it consumes us. When somethings thst see us, gates us when we have a past but same enemy to know what is important. When what we see we take from when we have been seen as thieves, to be open into our doors first. When what we see we like but font show it. When we see alot to notice what is going on between others. When we see that relations between us have been bad in the oast yo not see scars of what costs we gave suffered in the hands of our enemies. When we see that we cannot let the past down to trade anything away for it. When we see we must imprison those whom disobey. When we see another way when they don't deserve imprisonment when we see the same thing but our prides get in the way. When we see others are harmless and not what is told unto us about some people to see others differently and have our ears, eyes and mouth and attention. When what we see we keep an eye on. When we wish not to be seen we hide when we don't know where things are heading when greater things are heading our way. When we see how such pasts can shape the future when we see how loathed we are regarded. When we see we must get those out to safety. When we see away out thst others can't see to steer clear of danger and get out another way. When we see how others get out to only follow. When we see we are trapped to only be saved by what threatens us and others to fight our way out. When we see we are not just hanging on to the ride but fighting our way on a ride. When we see whom had our back when we needed it. When we don't see such evils to only know it is a servant of evil, 1 of 9. When some people we see we must meet to seek their help in dark times to go through far lengths and places to reach. When we see cannot let others slow us down when we are being chased. When we see we must rid all trespassers to only wish help for trade. When there is nothing more we want to see but our death to see we are threatened by something greater. When we see we must help those when they are hurt to offer a cure. When we see we are not dealing with some things that don't want peace but war to value life, but death.When we see we value money, when we are a business man. When we see sail safe passages unseen when we are risking alot. When we see that in some places we are governed and live on little when we have a unkind king. When we see that people are not valued as much as we see them to know we provide peace and could provide rioting if things are seen going a certain direction. When we see that everything comes at a cost when times are hard and everything is of value even our head. When what we see we don't know or see through the eyes of a child's wonder. When what we see is a reminder of a past tale we were told, that have many interpretations. When what we see we don't know if we can withstand when we are not properly equipped. When what we see, others dont see, but others could see that we prefer them hiding. When some prophecies and tales that are told are true when we see the signs to stop those before it's too late. When we see that others have our backs to follow behind us. When some things are easy to see when they are noticeably loud to stop them in their tracks. When we see that we must do somethings when we can restore everything that was once lost. When we can see others have failed when they were related to us and see that in such places it is needed but the risks of failure could cost everything. When we only see that we value the riches of some ventures to welcome visitors. When we see that we are in the company of a king and brave fighters to see to victory. When we see others can't come when they are ill. When we see that others have our backs and see to our recovery. When we must see others for help again when they once opened their doors to us know they can help us when nobody else would. When what nobody else sees how unalienable we are when we help or don't help to only want somethings only. When we see we arrived to some places where evil remains, to see an entrance in. When what we see once promising and flourishing now brought to ruins. When somethings we see remain hidden and unseen when it's covered in the abandonments of its own ruins. When we don't see somethings but prepared for anything to see through any evil tricks. When we see others have been waiting for us. When what we see we put to good use in finding passage. When we see that not many can enter when we carry the only key. When we can't see away in when we lose the light. When we see when we regain the right light with the right eyes to see to we get in. When we never thought we would see past the wall of places we long left again. When it's everything that we imagine seeing when we are told about it. When somethings we don't see are revealed to us when our purpose is to see to it that we retrieve it. When somethings we are told we wish not to see. When we see somethings are more powerful then we ours. When somethings that we remain hidden, we see in plain sight. When we wish not to be seen to hide. When we allow the vary evil to see us to rationalize, but it too is consumed by the greed to remain to see anyone as trying to take its possessions away. When what they can't see, they see and know all to well when evil is everywhere to see. When we see we only have one shot when things awaken and are out for us, to see to it that our aim is true. When what we see as trouble we put a stop to. When what we don't see, but what others reveal to us we don't see past our own desires that steer our past in peril to only suffer the same fate. When what we have others dont see, when it's the answer we need to save those. When we see we must stop those from reaching some places before it's too late to have their back. When what others with powers don't see, they destroy when it's darkness that they only see in others. When what we see, we can't let others suffer such fates to save them. When we must go unseen to avoid such dangers. When we don't see somethings being true when somethings are impossible when we are in different places to only see the vision of what consumes us in how much we would love for things we see to be true. When what we can't see, but see it when it's too late that we feel and want to see more. When we see ourselves get greedier it consumes us that we want more of. Whether we don't see our greed for more power, more wealth, more honour, more possessions and a kingdom. When we should see greed in restoring peace and good to not see such things. When we don't see somethings happening to see that the end happens with a fight. When somethings we see they are there and others not there to have our backs. When we see some tasks are too much for one to handle alone.

Michael W (mx) wrote: Great first effort by James Vasques. It works great as a comedy for most of the film, but it does occasionally descend into maudlin sentiment and syrupy drama. Great acting talent and a script that keeps it real and not too preachy makes for a nice combo. I'd even recommend this to my straight friends even though they'd never watch it.

Matt C (nl) wrote: This has been on my 'to view' list for some time so it was a relief of some sorts that it lived up to expectations. A really strong cast (perhaps Kidman aside, never sure about her and her automaton approach) bring a real feel of truth to the film. There are genuine feeling laughs from the dark humour you have to find as a grieving parent. I really liked it, my wife found it moving but frustrating so not sure everyone will find it their cup of tea, But in 91mins it really hit some nails slap bang on the head for me.

paula d (gb) wrote: Great soundtrack! this movie is worth it if only for the dance number over the credits.

Sarah L (gb) wrote: Fabulous film! Was totally engrossed by it!

Greg W (ru) wrote: #6 in Rohmer's comedies & proverbs series

Kyle E (jp) wrote: Churchill Crescent, South Molton, EX36 4EL

Chuck W (ru) wrote: Awesome movie. Cool action and very funny. This is one of my all time favorite movies.