Taimu bokan ôdô fukko


Taimu bokan ôdô fukko is the best new movie of Tatsuo Yoshida (characters). The released year of this movie is 1993. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, for example Shannon Conley, Curt Gebhart, Matthew Gus, Yoko Hisano, Rita Joseph, Reiko Katsura, Takao Koyama, Ross Lefko, Naoko Matsui, Koshi Mori, Noriko Ohara, Yoshiko Ohta, Mari Okada, Frankie Rome, Kazuko Sugiyama. There are many categories, such as Sci-Fi. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 6.8 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie torrents. Share with your friends and watch this movie together

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Users reviews

Barbara S (fr)

One of the best movies I've ever seen!!!!

Burt M (de)

That and Dick Powell couldn't carry a tune. I mean love your cousin just don't your cousin. I lost interest when the main romance was between two cousins. Stopped watching this halfway through

David L (ca)

If you have the opportunity to watch it, please do so without hesitation. "Off Limits" is a terrific and incomprehensibly overlooked film. The film is beautifully shot and has a marvelous soundtrack filled with timeless contemporary songs from James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Arthur Resnick. They tease and provoke each other all the time, but the atmosphere of the film and the nature of the events are simply to austere to mix with comedy. Dafoe and Hines provide some terrific on screen chemistry, but they certainly aren't your typical witty interracial buddies like Eddie Murphy & Nick Nolte in "48 Hours" or Mel Gibson & Danny Glover in "Lethal Weapon". I do emphasize the word 'almost' because a Vietnam movie without mad-raving American officers and/or foul-mouthed Vietnamese prostitutes is practically unthinkable. Christopher Crowe's direction is tight and consequently surefooted ? which is quite remarkable for a debut feature ? and his own script is *almost* completely devoid of dreadful clichs and irritating stereotypes. Some sequences are even downright fantastic, for instance the helicopter-interrogation (Scott Glenn is sublime) or the nail-biting scene where the copper duo is surrounded by a mob of furious and vengeful Vietnamese people. "Off Limits" is a fast-paced, suspense and frequently very violent thriller with a screenplay that is full of misleading twists, false leads and red herrings, like a legitimate and compelling whodunit thriller ought to be. McGriff and Perkins, however, are determined to stop to sadist killer, especially when they receive help from a beautiful and street-wise young novice. The devoted and headstrong duo also discovers that the previous officer prematurely quit his investigation even though he came fairly close to capturing the killer, undoubtedly because several high ranked officers got involved and his own life became endangered. They quickly discover this isn't the first gruesome crime of its kind, as no less than seven similar cases were reported during the past year and they're clearly the work of a serial killer with a strict modus operandi. One day they're assigned to investigate the murder of a Vietnamese prostitute who had a child with an American soldier. McGriff and Perkins have the worst jobs in the world, since they're employed as army police officers in Saigon and responsible to investigate the crimes committed by American soldiers. Even though its set during the Vietnam war Off Limits is first and foremost a genuine cop thriller, set in a hellish environment torn apart through warfare, and an effectively disturbing portrait of the horrible issues caused by American soldiers outside of the battlefields

David S (ru)

All of the film's interest belongs to Holliday, who is marvelous, but even she can't save this one from some of its boring stretches

Govind S (kr)

. . Awsome!!. . . Beyond

Grant T (gb)

After renting a few highly touted dogs recently, I was pleasantly surprised after taking a chance on this sleeper

Kristal C (jp)

A not terrible love story that benefits from Guy Pearce's chemistry with, well, everyone

MarieFrancoise S (jp)

However, not as good as his other films and actually gets a little boring at times, although it breaks my heart to admit it. As colourful as always with many Almodovar features present such as the 'tart with a heart'

Parnick M (ag)

She should have played to her strengths more and cut the weird out of place filler scenes that do nothing for this film. Sarah is and always has been, first and foremost, a stage comic. Four stars only because the filmed scenes (non-live show bits) were not all that funny. Sarah's fans will understand. don't watch this if you are after 'any other standup movie,' because you won't get it. . . Hilarious, but only if you are into her brand of comedy

Sam W (fr)

He will be missed. Even better on the Big screen