Taipei Exchanges

Taipei Exchanges

Doris (Guey Lun Mei) simply wanted to open a refined, stylish coffee shop in a bohemian Taipei neighborhood, but when she's stuck with a load of useless gifts from the opening celebration, her younger sister Josie (Lin Zaizai) turns the café into a burgeoning bartering business. There, even a soulful song (by Japanese singer Atari Kosuke in a cameo) is a tradable commodity. One day, a traveler (Ching Han) brings in 35 soaps from around the world with a story for each of them, awakening Doris' imagination about the outside world that she has never seen.

What you are willing to give up for exchange to fulfill your dreams? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda T (fr) wrote: They spent most of the money on the cover.

Adwait O (es) wrote: The movie is good... and comedy is also good... Especially Arshad Warsi is just fantastic.. One must see it...!!!

Erin C (de) wrote: Pretty good! I love Nora Roberts' books and the movies are proving to be good as well.

gopi g (br) wrote: Its a block buster movie

Zeke T (ca) wrote: They weren't kidding when they said "Into Great Silence." But seriously, the sledding down the mountain near the end was incredible and unexpected.

James H (nl) wrote: This movie does not work on any level. A confusing misguided mess. Bad continuity. It's just stupid and could not get into the film. Pretentious and poorly directed.

S L (ag) wrote: 20 April 2003watchable

David M (ca) wrote: This is one of Pierce Brosnan's lesser known films, I and a roommate first learned of it from a trailer on an independant film DVD rental. It is an beautiful film about native american indian life and how a white man greatly desires to be one himself since being a young boy. I do not want to say much more as it will give away the movie, but it is time well spent.

Joel A (mx) wrote: Harold Lloyd would have to be one of (or if not the most) underrated silent comedians ever. His timing and pace is truly impeccable...a true artist of the roaring twenties.This isn't the flat-out funniest film he has made but like most of his films there are likable charming characters moulded in a clever story and gelled together with brilliant gags.Keep your eye out for the formal dance scene it will have you in stitches...pun intended ;) Even if slapstick comedy isn't your thing there still is a fun story to enjoy.

Connor A (mx) wrote: The ever-present Jodorowskian motifs make for another mystical and in depth trip of a film, albeit a little less surreal than previous entries.

Ken T (de) wrote: Van Damme's first slip on the banana peel of his career. The downside start that would not stop until he hit rock bottom. Not his best work and it wasn't his fault. Give some of them drugs they were using to write this lame crap..."