Tajemnica starego ogrodu

Tajemnica starego ogrodu


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Allison C (ru) wrote: Saw this film at Sidewalk Film Festival and loved it! It is hilarious and the characters are perfectly cast! Everyone should see this film.

Abu A (es) wrote: Great movie. Yes the acting is lame, all two seconds of it before the film moves to the next action sequence. The reason the critics hate it is simply that they are a bunch of liberal zombies that hate America.

Ben C (ca) wrote: Only because it was filmed in my backyard.

Trey W (de) wrote: Now I don't usually rate movies this low, but this went WAY below my expectations. First is the weak cgi animation. I mean you can seriously tell Garfield looks like something from a animated movie. Second the plot and climax etc. Guess what the whole point of this movie is? You guessed it, absolutely nothing! Last is humor, and jokes. I saw this with my family, and I didn't hear a single chuckle. The comic strip is a lot more funny than this crap! So people, I highly recommend that you do not watch this. You won't be a pinch satisfied. The only thing I liked about this is garfeilds silly personality.D+

Sumit A (kr) wrote: The best most obscure movie i have seen in some time.

Li T (gb) wrote: Yes sir, Dean Cain, sir! LOL

Clay B (nl) wrote: YOU KNOW MY NAME (1999)

Niina R (ru) wrote: This is very sweet, but Liszt just can't be blonde ::::D

Ron R (au) wrote: At some point, in the midst of making fun of the 80s, I realized, "Wait, this movie is kind of getting interesting"

Mark H (it) wrote: The truck is still hungry.

Ilja S (jp) wrote: A brilliant movie that will appeal to everyone.

Donni G (nl) wrote: Not a successful horror film...batty plotline. A shame, given the quality of the cast.

Clay B (ca) wrote: Butch and Sundance: The Early Days (1979) My Rating: 6/10 Genre: Western, Comedy Director: Richard Lester MPAA Rating: PG Runtime: 115 minutes Available On: DVD

Alexis W (ag) wrote: great roles done by these two

Denver R (es) wrote: Featuring a strong sense of hilarity and innocence, as well as excellent chemistry between its two leads, "My Favorite Wife" is a role model for what all romantic comedies SHOULD be.

David H (fr) wrote: Excellent Melodrama grandious directed by the Master Howard Hawks with great Performances of Cary Grant, Jean Arthur, Richard Barthelmess, Rita Hayworth, Thomas Mitchell & Sig Ruman and breathtaking Fly Scenes.

Ian W (kr) wrote: I am not sure why I have not seen this film until now. A superb Christmas movie full of warmth, humour and festive magic. Check it out.

Tiago M (us) wrote: This one packs a punch to your heart!

Jake A (ru) wrote: Despite an uneven ending this is a very well acted road thriller that has a solid series of characters, plenty of tense scenes, it is well shot, love the score and the whole naive nature of the two lead kids adds humour, innocence and makes the violence and their situation all the more realistic and nerve racking.