Take Aim at the Police Van

Take Aim at the Police Van

A sharpshooter kills two prisoners in a police van at night. The guard on the van is suspended for six months; he's Tamon, an upright, modest man. He begins his own investigation into the murders. Who were the victims, who are their relatives and girlfriends, who else was on the van that night? As he doggedly investigates, others die, coincidences occur, and several leads take him to the Hamaju Agency, which may be supplying call girls. Its owner is in jail, his daughter, the enigmatic Yuko, keeps turning up where Tamon goes. Tamon believes he can awaken good in people, but has he met his match? Will he solve the murders or be the next victim? And who is Akiba?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:79 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:japanese noir,  

A sharpshooter kills two prisoners in a police van at night. The guard on the van is suspended for six months; he's Tamon, an upright, modest man. He begins his own investigation into the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shane K (ca) wrote: Man, I forgot what a great movie this was...but the violence....wow.

Christian D (es) wrote: pumped .....this movie is hardcore.......it's what I love

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Philip G (br) wrote: Wretched "comedy" that makes the Up Pompeii tv movie look like Carry On Cleo. Sally Phillips' gorgeous smile kept me watching, and production values were decent, considering... But the script! Ah, my eyes! The script! I suppose that it might amuse middle-aged women, and very young, very stupid children. But pur-lease! It's aboutAsFunnyAsADeadPig. Avoid!

Van L (us) wrote: Love the soundtrack "Jazzy and fresh"The Windman are so cool!!

Kevin L (mx) wrote: Pretty solid action. The movie takes itself too seriously. One of Jet Li's better American movies relatively.

Ashon M (au) wrote: Budget Low But A Hott Movie

Ali K (jp) wrote: Daniel Day Lewis and Jim Sheridan again in another biography which with Pete Postlethwaite was even better than their previous "My left foot"

Tim H (jp) wrote: One of the worst films ever. No wonder they made fun of this on MST3K. I can't even recommend this on a so bad its good level as its just so bad!

Eric J (nl) wrote: A longish but gripping crime and courtroom drama. A young James Woods was excellent.

Mike M (nl) wrote: Pretentious isn't really the word for this epic face-off between ancient Greek myth and swinging London reality, but that doesn't mean it isn't at least halfway interesting for much of its duration... The revelation is the otherwise unknown Gothard: part Malcolm McDowell, part Robin Askwith, he's a very 60s moptop who's especially convincing in those scenes where he has to lay down and defend his reasons for self-sacrifice - while also conveying the kind of stunted growth and self-regard that perhaps brought about the ultimate failure of the whole counter-cultural movement. Needlessly extended and yet weirdly relevant in its dispatches on advertising, suicide and the fame game, it's within touching distance of what a British Godard movie might have been like.

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Bob W (mx) wrote: Davis' tour de force in the aptly titled role. She was so good being bad that she does not quite seem believable when she tries to come across decent and repentant. One can't help feeling this is a Gone With the Wind knock off.

Kyle C (au) wrote: Bleak and deeply intelligent film for adults.

Joshua C (mx) wrote: Great action flick with subtle comedy.