Take It to the Limit

Take It to the Limit

a peek into the life of motorcycle riders and racers of the era.The film covers speedway, desert racing, road racing, hill climb, grass track, drag racing, trials, sidecars, dirt track and motocross in the 1970s.

This movie is a fun look back into a bygone era of motorcycling. More than the ubiquitous "history of Harley" type documentaries, this move looks at the entire culture of motorcycling from the 60's & 70's and covers road racing, motocross & desert racing, drag racing, trials and more. The viewer gets to see in action the famous racers we had only previously seen in photos and even ride along with Mike "The Bike" Hailwood on a 190 MPH lap of the Isle of Mann. If you liked the requisite motorcycle movie "On Any Sunday," you'll LOVE this one. The soundtrack, with songs by Foreigner and Arlo Guthrie, is nostalgically cool too. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Conor B (jp) wrote: Two great performances by first time child actors in an otherwise dull film.

Kassy S (ag) wrote: this movie is about stuff i learned in history class and i just don't want to watch this movie and learn about all the crap all over again. it wasn't interesting the first time and won't be the second time.

Ash M (ca) wrote: Anyone who reviews this movie bad, doesn't understand movies and needs to take a film class in college.

Sheppard S (br) wrote: Great little film. Now a days thugh a teacher doing this to a student would go to jail. But back in the 80's it was escapism fun.

Duane B (kr) wrote: A break from romantic follies which called for serious acting talents. Cary Grant is paired with Irene Dunne yet again! They go together well but seem to have forgotten it in theis film.

Colson V (it) wrote: Please God, make these parody movies stop!

Cade B (br) wrote: this was a really good film each scene I watched I enjoyed

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