Taken by Grace

Taken by Grace

An ex-con kidnaps a Christian couple in a bid to avenge his son's murder in this faith-based thriller starring Angus MacFayden and Haylie Duff. Years ago, Lucas Blackstone (Macfadyen) watched helplessly as his son was killed in cold blood. Years later, upon being released from prison, Lucas determines to see justice served at the business end of a .357. After kidnapping Shawn Everett (Bradley Dorsey) and his wife Carrie (Duff) from a campsite, Lucas instructs them to drive him to the town of Trinity so he may carry out the execution. Now as the trio drives to their grim destination, Lucas learns that Shawn and Carrie have put their trust in their faith to save their broken marriage. Unmoved by their devotion, he threatens to take their lives if they try to stop him. Later, a shocking discovery about his intended target leaves the grieving father questioning everything he ever thought he knew.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Lucas Blackstone carjacks a young Christian couple and forces them into his plot to assassinate the killer of his son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Taken by Grace torrent reviews

Le M (jp) wrote: Its not completely steaming horse pooh, but its nothing fantastic either, its the same tired story, told a slightly different way, if you like Wrong turn, or dead end, mixed with a bit of 30 days of night, and on a small budget, then this is for you, if not, steer clear....it suffers from some over fast edits, and some annoying shakey camera work...

Tommy M (ru) wrote: Umm... So it took me a while to remember what movie this actually was and now that I do remember I wish that I didnt that's how bad this movie is. So umm first this movie has nothing to do with zombies... at all, its more of a One Missed Call but really really bad. Because some demon baby that is possessing people that hurt it and is trying to kill the mother and it ends up she wants to be with her again because she gave it away so she pretty much bangs it and then has it again... and umm yeah that's the movie so congrats you just saw it! woo hooo!

Randy P (it) wrote: Those taking in by the charms of witherspoon and ruffalo will fall in love with the films simple and predictable storyline. Still doesn't make it a bad film though.

Kate M (ag) wrote: A must see for all Joe Flanigan fans! A really great concept & so should have been the pilot to a TV show!

Sebastian H (de) wrote: Breathtaking movie full of depth, that draws you into its orbit and won't let you go. A lot of heart went into this movie and it shows, great piece of biographic cinema

Robert I (it) wrote: Stinker. This movie is marginally watchable for the first half, the half before the relationship becomes consummated. Bizarre to trade off conflicts from falling in love with someone who can't love you back to some very strained bs about one's romantic interest's past sexual exploits...made no sense, I didn't care about AMy's past and the systemic drama unfolding seems very forced if not just fake(sex with two partners WHO CARES). This could have been a much more interesting movie had the writer been smart(had a brain) and made the whole movie about the internal conflict Amy may have gone through when coming to terms with the dynamics of her sexual instincts and true companionship. The dialogue is pretty horrible and redundant, it becomes annoying only to eventually become unbearable, it is because the writing is so amature, (NOOB NOOB NOOBY dooby doo) that I give the actors a pass...I see it as the actors just working with the thing as best they could. There are worse movies but this is a stinker for sure.

Michael F (au) wrote: Not bad, not great. The cast makes it

Markku R (ca) wrote: Mostly boring exercise for La Dolce Vita. Gets better in the last 15 minutes, though.

Christina C (es) wrote: I liked the true story aspect of it and it was decent enough to watch. I just thought the way the movie was made didn't do the story justice. The actress that played the dysfunctional mom was great.