Takien: The Haunted Tree

Takien: The Haunted Tree

This movie is about a young woman who lost her job and thought she lost her boyfriend, too. She decided to go back home to her family, only to find out that they were dead. Her father and younger sister were killed in a traffic accident and her mother died in the same week of natural causes. In despair and sorrow, she tried to reach out to her boyfriend in Bangkok, but to no avail. The only way to get rid of her broken heart was to kill herself, so she could be with her family.

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Takien: The Haunted Tree torrent reviews

Gmd E (it) wrote: That's the best they could've done with such a bad idea.And this "best" is actually very entertaining.

Ipoy I (kr) wrote: Big question ending, hahhahha

Mike H (br) wrote: Despite the critical acclaim, I found it vague and confusing. You get no character depth. Perhaps I was too tired, but I didn't really connect the clues and much of the movie just seemed a shuffling of papers.

Amy H (nl) wrote: The story in this one is quite entertaining! Althought I wouldn't mind the fighting part in full view instead of flashes! Overall an entertaining movie.

Kaitlyn B (ag) wrote: It was better then I thought it would be. Really predictable, but some cute moments, and some funny ones.

Charlie H (es) wrote: Disturbingly unfunny with poor direction, acting and too much Botox on the part of Martin. The critic Mark Kermode said that the best family films had jokes that worked for adults and children. The only jokes for adults are uncomfortable to watch and will have adults struggling to explain them to the kids.

Myriam R (ag) wrote: What to expect from a horror film with Ron Jeremy as a mad butcher.Disaster!

Muffin M (us) wrote: The two most popular guys in high school (Nicholas D'Agosto and Eric Christian Olsen) decide to ditch football camp for cheerleader camp. For the girls and for the glory.also stars Sarah Roemer, Molly Sims, Danneel Harris, Adhir Kalyan, AnnaLynne McCord, Phillip Baker Hall and John Michael Higgins.direced by Will Gluck.

Shane M (kr) wrote: One of those rare movies that I seem to enjoy more each time I watch it.

Rolland C (fr) wrote: YOU MUST SEE IT FOR YOURSELF

Mauricio B (ag) wrote: Bizarre but joyful, Almodovar earliest works already had most of his filmmaker trademarks plus an over dose of inspected comedy. Yes liking is Almodovar is an acquired test but this movie is worth the time spent on it.

Heather K (us) wrote: Well this one was an easy sell for me as I do like Lucio Fulci's films most of the time, and since this particular story is sort of his "Carrie" homage I needed to see it. I have a thing for stories with the plot of a girl being teased or abused then getting revenge and this nicely fits in that area. What didn't work so well was the pacing, and most of the dialog was a bit boring and some of it unnecessary. When the film got going though there are moments of pay off and even some highly memorable scenes. In this case the "Carrie" figure is named Kathy, and is she ever tormented. Her classmates dress her up and set her up on a fake date (sound familiar anyone) and then listen in and make fun of her. Well the trouble is they chase her out to the road where she is hit by a car and put into a coma with no brain activity. Somehow from there she is able to channel her rage at her classmates through the new girl in school called Eva. Eva then infiltrates the popular kids and starts bumping them off (since she is being mind controlled by Kathy of course). It does take a while for much to happen, and there are large breaks in between murders so it does sort of drone on in places, but then when we see some of the creative murder methods it becomes worthwhile. We all know Fulci is capable of some great gore, and this isn't necessarily gory but there is a fantastically unique 'death by snails' scene that should be seen by most. I can't say that anyone should rush out and see this one, but if you like "Carrie"-style films that aren't as great then this should fill the void. Also fans of Fulci's will want to see this even if it's not his best effort.

Brody M (kr) wrote: The description of this movie was better then the actual movie was

Mary H (jp) wrote: There are so many gay men playing straight in this movie

Anthony I (ag) wrote: The old american movie musical at it's very finest. This is a real swinging treat for everyone.

Benjamin O (ag) wrote: Constructive snooping.