Taking a Chance on Love

Taking a Chance on Love

Widowed, successful Californian sports journalist King is a great catch. His pride and joy, son David, suddenly says he's giving up baseball, and hence his scholarship. Actually he's ...

A note inspires a columnist (Genie Francis) when her boyfriend's (Ted McGinley) marriage proposal leaves her in doubt. She uncovers the author's secret history involving a doomed romance and a love which may yet live again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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NeCrO (it) wrote: Blair Witch all over...Just allot Sexier :)

Tim C (au) wrote: Pretty Good Latin L.A. Gang B-Movie

Maciek K (gb) wrote: It's not "Departures" but funny and touching nevertheless. Great cast in a conventional plot. Good effort for a first feature. The director's a Bruin, so ya gotta support.

Jimmy H (mx) wrote: (aka) Apocalypse of the Dead. Crap has a new name. =P Nah, it's kinda ok. It was given some real bad reviews but it is only slightly craptacular. If you like zombie films, check it out.

Jessica R (au) wrote: Through great atrocities love blossoms. How wonderful. When Jack was talking to the kids at Westerbrok....I cried.

Jennifer B (mx) wrote: wicked movie...thats all im saying..

John W (gb) wrote: Campy horror fans rejoice! This is back on Netflix instant. One of my favorites. You should check it out.

Michael R (br) wrote: Schultze and his two friends have been put out to pasture in early retirement but this is no time for him to stick to the traditional polka script. Schultze?...no way! If you're looking for a film that will grab you by the neck, pass on this one. If you're looking for one that you will place you on it's back and take you on an unpredictable voyage like life often takes us on, you could do worse than travelling with Scultze. Delightfully droll but not for those lacking patience.

Don S (ag) wrote: I rented this simply because of Alex Kingston (she does a fantastic job in this by the way). Though I was not familiar with the incident this is based on, the film had just enough action to keep my interest. Much of the movie is "talking heads" so the plot moves along fairly slowly. While I can't recommend this for everyone, if you like crime/drug lord kind of stuff, this may be right up your alley.

Chris D (ca) wrote: I remember watching this on the dinsney channel forever ago, ahahaha

Jochen W (ca) wrote: Ich komme immer mehr zu der ?berzeugung, dass unter den bedeutenden Regisseuren der Hongkonger New Wave Ringo Lam der substanziellste ist. Im Grunde msste man ihn wohl als einen Sozialrealisten im Exploitationkino betrachten. PRISON ON FIRE nun gehrt nicht unbedingt zu seinen strksten Filmen, was auch an widrigen Produktionsumstnden gelegen haben mag. Trotzdem ist es beeindruckend, welch starke Affekte er im Finale noch aus seinen eher flachen Figuren herauszuholen versteht.

MariePier D (ru) wrote: Incredible movie, very good! It makes you think about how human being can be so good and so bad !!! L'adultre par contre.. superflu et bizarre!

Dean H (nl) wrote: Well paced, cheesy & fun. Some more Italian schlock from the legendary Umberto Lenzi. Classic!

Marc C (es) wrote: A classic British comedy romp, nearly as good as Nuns on The Run.

Juan C (es) wrote: I understand what haters hate the most of this movie... the money, the good characters, the plot, the excellent visual effects and the incredible cast. Just because a movie has excellent production budget doesn't mean that is lame. I honestly believe this movie is one of the best histories made -for -movies

Rendy S (gb) wrote: An honest, charming and innocent coming-of-age tale.