Taking Earth

Taking Earth

The human race is thrown into chaos as an alien invasion takes control of the planet in an effort to find one boy out of 7 billion people who holds the power to destroy them.

A famous action film with the attendance of Ronan Quarmby, Brad Richards, Taking Earth tells about a mission of the human race. They have to find a boy who holds the power to destroy an alien invasion, who takes control of the planet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Taking Earth torrent reviews

Amirhasan J (us) wrote: After all, it is the dishonesty among us that remains BOLD. Masterpiece

Mark O (au) wrote: As hard boiled as they come. With a few surprises thrown in.

EvaLena I (us) wrote: Also a good story based on a Nora Roberts novell

Nik M (nl) wrote: Red River benefits from a memorable score, John Wayne's performance, an excellent use of visual repetition as a narrative device, and the overall feel of a very western story. The great distances seen in the daytime are perfectly contrasted with the stirring and brooding natures of the shallow and murky night-time scenery. John Wayne does an excellent job as the conflicted, power-hungry, and ambitious figure.

Byron B (kr) wrote: nominated for best picture by NBR

Zack S (mx) wrote: I wish I liked Armored a lot more than I did. It does have a good director and a solid cast, but I just wasn't impressed with the plot. It was very predictable and it wasn't very engaging either. Of course, I still liked the action but I just wasn't impressed with the film overall. There are many other heist films that do the job (no pun intended) better than Armored. Predictable and forgettable. Should've been a direct-to-DVD release.

Morgan L (es) wrote: 5/5 Must see film!This has to be one of the best films I've ever seen. I love every film Simon pegg and Nick frost are in, they're probably my favourite actors. So if you're looking for action and comedy this is the film for you!

Gabriel C (us) wrote: It's only somewhat entertaining to watch Schwarzenegger mugging and yelling "Put down that cookie!"

Gary B (gb) wrote: Good fight scenes, which is what I watched it for anyways!

F B (ca) wrote: A big film but too complicated for me and felt like it dragged along and didn't really capture my attention at all.