Taking Lives

Taking Lives

Recruited to assist Montreal police in their desperate search for a serial killer who assumes the identities of his victims, FBI profiler Illeana Scott knows it's only a matter of time before the killer strikes again. Her most promising lead is a museum employee who might be the killer's only eyewitness.

An FBI profiler is called in by French Canadian police to catch an insidious serial killer who impersonating his victims' identities. As Scott and an art gallery owner follow the killer's trail, they find themselves becoming attracted to one another, which is not necessarily a comfort to Scott as she finds her quarry moving closer and closer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ilsa L (ag) wrote: Suitably creepy thriller that is well worth watching.

Tyler W (kr) wrote: Homefront is an exciting flick with more to offer than the average popcorn-muncher. Gritty action, a unique setting and some solid performances help to make up for a script that probably needed another revision or two. The film opens with a night shot of busy New Orleans, but the real story takes place in backwoods Louisiana. Some great shots of the bayou alongside the dirty, nowhere town give Homefront a unique backdrop for a story that might go unnoticed in a New York or L.A. The social setting, too, provides its own twists and turns in a place where folks don't call 911. Statham is convincingly out of his element when he brings his young daughter to Rayeville to start over after a career in the DEA. It's not Statham, however, who steals the show in this movie. Come for him, stay for the rednecks. James Franco plays the fittingly named Gator Bodine, a small-time meth dealer with big plans and Kate Bosworth gives an excellent performance as his addicted sister. Both antagonists find themselves in over their heads when they try to make trouble, and their panicked reactions in those situations make the characters of Homefront human, not one-dimensional cannon fodder. However, the script feels like a second or third draft in some instances. A few subplots are begun and then abandoned, with no resolution. And while the scenes between Statham and his daughter are touching, they are a little syrupy for this kind of thing, and you begin to wonder if the tension surrounding the deceased mother is really necessary. Also, while the action is exciting and rewarding, it does seem a little too perfect at times. In a film set in the swamps of the South, it might have been exciting to see a little less polish on Statham's inevitable beatdowns. We never truly fear for his character once he starts punching or shooting. All in all, while Homefront is not perfect, it is certainly enjoyable. Very few action films take the time to build up to an action sequence anymore. It's the intimidation factor that makes this movie cool. With lots of good moments and one or two great ones, Homefront definitely deserves a passing grade.

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