Takmer ruzovy príbeh

Takmer ruzovy príbeh

After her mother had passed, Darinka lives with her grandma. In her fantasy she lives her own version of Sleeping Beauty. Her musical talent helps her to cope with illness and fulfill her dreams.

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Sylvain C (es) wrote: C'est beau, c'est tout.

HungYa L (it) wrote: Still fail to get my head around to begin to like it very much.

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Anthony V (kr) wrote: Lesser Danny Kaye film is still fun.

Senor C (nl) wrote: This is one of those films you need to stick w/. It may seem like a 10 little indian story but there's more going on than originally meets the eye and the cast of 70s regulars are great. Well worth a second look if you weren't sold on it the first time

Sharmayne S (fr) wrote: I don't know what other users are on about?! How is this movie NOT scary?! I was on the edge of my seat! Serial killer movies scare me because it can actually happen to you and does happen to people! Supernatural movies never scare me because it could never happen. But users here seem to give the supernatural movies higher scare scores. Hmm just goes to show that the movie rating is in the eye of the beholder.

Claire C (us) wrote: This is truly woeful. All of the characters are really only caricatures. Rex is a caricature of a lonely old yobbo from Broken Hill, the young Aboriginal man who accompanies Rex on the very boring, very long drive to Darwin is a caricature of an Aborignal man, Tandrea Dr Farmer is a caricature of a hard nosed doctor who doesn't care about who her patients are. You add caricatures to a corny story and frankly it's just another third rate film. I fail to see how most of the film reviewers can rate this film as highly as they have. It's one of the worst films I've seen for years.

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