Tale of Cinema

Tale of Cinema

In Seoul, the paths of two men and one woman intersect and move apart from one another, centering around their love for cinema. A suicidal student meets a young woman who decides to follow him in his fatal gesture. Coming out of a cinema, Tongsu, an unsuccessful filmmaker, spots a beautiful young woman, and recognizes her : she is the main actress in the film he has just seen. The life of this wavering and distressed young man strangely echoes the one of the young man from the beginning...

In Seoul, the paths of two men and one woman intersect and move apart from one another, centering around their love for cinema. A suicidal student meets a young woman who decides to follow ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tale of Cinema torrent reviews

Willy M (ca) wrote: Korea's Saving Private Ryan. Really worth watching.

Gwyn H (jp) wrote: This is one of the most haunting, magical, stirring films to come along in a very long time. The story and the performances will grow in meaning and depth on each repeated viewing. It is an overlooked but glstening treasure!

Andrey B (nl) wrote: Tough and gritty european movie which can challenge some top-notch american films with its realism.

Anibal R (au) wrote: Epidemic, es la segunda pelcula de la triloga Europa de Lars Von Trier. Esta historia cuenta como el director y el guionista al perder el guin de su pelcula deciden escribir otro sobre una epidemia que termina siendo real.

Noname (jp) wrote: Here we have two great comedian actors in a very good 80' comedy flick. Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd , can it be any better than that ! Both are awesome in this movie aswell is the hilarious story. To bad they don't make comedies like this anymore. The story follows an experiment made by the wealthy "Duke brothers" to reverse the lifestyle between a snobbish investor (Dan A) and the wily street con artist (Eddie M) for a one dollar bet. Sounds very funny indeed and there were some really nice scenes. Its a comedy with quality to put it simple.

Larissa N (fr) wrote: a pretty good military drama w/ a very young cruise and penn... didn't recognize them at first.

Teresa S (it) wrote: '69 flick about WW II

Stuart K (us) wrote: After the successes of A Hard Day's Night (1964), Help! (1965) and A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum (1966), Richard Lester chose for his next film this dark war satire based upon Patrick Ryan's 1963 novel, which questions the need and relevence of war. It's gallows humour, but it's alot more relevent now than what you might think. This one follows the exploits of an army regiment, 3rd Troop, the 4th Musketeers, led by Lieutenant Earnest Goodbody (Michael Crawford), who is nave and accident prone. He's been assigned by Colonel Grapple (Michael Hordern) to go out behind enemy lines in Tunisia to set up an "Advanced Area Cricket Pitch." His team of soldiers include Gripweed (John Lennon), Clapper (Roy Kinnear), Sergeant Transom (Lee Montague), Juniper (Jack MacGowran), Spool (Ronald Lacey) and Drogue (James Cossins). But, Goodbody's attempts at heroic derring-do end up getting most of his regiment killed, but still they press on into the desert to set up the cricket pitch, and the remaining men take on Holland and Germany, where Goodbody recalls his tales to Odlebog (Karl Michael Vogler) at the Rhine bridgehead in 1945. It's a very peculiar film, using surreal dialogue and characters to question the idealism and philosophy of warfare. Crawford does Frank Spencer stunts, and Lennon is his usual self if underused. But, you could use this to question the wars our world is in now.

CORINN M (mx) wrote: An old, non-traditional Western. Pretty funny, just because of the cheesy accents, some over-acting, and Joe Aaron's silly grin gleeming through the entire movie. Definitely worth the 3 bucks per ticket we paid. I saw this with my boyfriend and we laughed through most of it; My recommendation is to bring a good friend that you can cut up with!

Bill T (ca) wrote: Perfectly fine addition to the Inner Sanctum series, a series that does have it's hits and misses, but usually hits, but only slightly. This entry, with it's usual star Lon Chaney, features a hypnotist who has a participant who dies during a demonstration, and thus he believes he actually willed him to die! Unscrupulous people take advantage of this, and the whole thing evolves within, yes, a wax museum. Sometimes silly and illogical, the premise is there, but the delivery is somewhat ridiculous.

Anna N (ru) wrote: Classified as a classic = Interested.

William W (br) wrote: The Universal monster series still on cruise control, a rewarding entry due to Boris Karloff's involvement. Family Halloween fun much more rewarding than today's gorefests.

Devo K (kr) wrote: The biggest irony about The Rewrite is that it really needed one.