Talento de barrio

A young drug dealer falls in love while facing disruption among the men in his gang, and being offered a career as a Reggaetón singer.

A young drug dealer falls in love while facing disruption among the men in his gang, and being offered a career as a Reggaetón singer

Talento de barrio is a excited movies torrent of Angel M. Sanjurjo (screenplay), George Rivera (screenplay). This movie was introduced in 2008. There are many actors in this movie torrents, for example Daddy Yankee, Maestro, Katiria Soto, César Farrait, Angélica Alcaide, Norma Colón, Norman Santiago, Payi, Welmo E. Romero-Joseph, Rey Pirín, Pepe Fuentes, Moncho Conde, Gringo, Erik Rodriguez, Glory. Movie' genres are Music. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 5.4 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Ahmed M (ru)

One of the best thriller/comedy movie Bollywood has made ever, or in a very long time

Ben L (it)

John Tucker Must Die is a substandard representation of the genre, so I doubt I'd ever recommend it. I found myself squirming in my chair thinking "Good grief, this is what the screenwriter thinks women are like?" The finale worked alright, because everyone ends up where you want them to, although I found it odd that they never give any resolution for the 3 ex-girlfriends. This scene started out hilarious, but then devolved into a horrible parody of femininity. I do have to mention one particular scene, where John Tucker is given estrogen. Aside from that strange choice, most of this movie is paint-by-numbers out of the teen rom-com playbook. At the very least put her in thick glasses and give her an ugly outfit, so you get that typical Cinderella transformation when they doll her up in order to attract John Tucker. The biggest flaw in the casting is simply the fact that Brittany Snow is too likable and attractive to be this outcast wallflower that they expect her to be. I kind of liked the cast, because they all seemed content to fall into their individual stereotypes, which fit the movie well. Despite what the title implies this just leads them to seek revenge, not through physical violence, but in the form of humiliation and perhaps giving him a taste of his own medicine. It centers around the star of the basketball team who is dating at least 3 girls at the same time, and they all find out about it. The story will be familiar to everyone, because it's not original. I think that connection I have with the genre helped me to get some enjoyment out of what is largely a bad movie. I have a strange affinity for these high school rom-coms, so I kind of expected I would like John Tucker Must Die more than most people

Carlos M (it)

Kurosawa's classic film that served as a major inspiration for other directors like Sergio Leone and Quentin Tarantino, employing a curious, dark sense of humor in a very entertaining samurai story that also features a great performance by Toshiro Mifune

Grayson L (de)

This movie should be shown in every African American history classroom

Jack H (jp)

but I say good for straight to dvd because it does have nice quality and you cant expect much from a movie that was probably forced to dvd. all the characters feel forced and bored with themselves. it takes away from the relatability. josh hutcherson is suppose to be 15 but her looks way older and I always have a problem when movies do that. muddled with annoying dialogue and poor acting that make you wonder if your really just watching a celebrity cameo. pretty good for a straight to dvd thriller

jessica m (ag)

ahha. dogs are mush cuter that old ladies waiting in a train station. a HUMAN HACHIKO

Josiah M (kr)

It just wasn't, and whatever statement Hamill is trying to make against Hollywood fails. My movie elitism trumps any of my nerd impulses to say this was a good movie

Mandy P (kr)

"Crosses Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Home Alone" ??? Gag

Matthew D (it)

ou have done me proud. . Well done keep this going man. My first ever Tyler Perry experince and I loved it

Nolan M (fr)

Johnny Depp is terrific as an inspector out to catch Jack the Ripper in 19th century London