Laura and Mark have been together for 10 years and she has always supported him in his shallow pop-singing career. However, Laura has her talent measured, and it appears she is packed with ...

Laura and Mark have been together for 10 years and she has always supported him in his shallow pop-singing career. However, Laura has her talent measured, and it appears she is packed with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Talenttyven torrent reviews

Joe R (us) wrote: I have watch this and enjoyed it multiple times!

Scott P (ag) wrote: "Hey kids, porn is fun and pretty, and if your drug addicted boyfriend is disgusted by your career choice, you can always leave him for a hot lesbian director and be behind the camera as well in no time!"

Rikard B (nl) wrote: Garvade lite i brjan men sen blir det bara det klassiska dravlet!

Andrew W (de) wrote: A sequel to the Heir Apparent and as well handled. Once again it deviates from the source material but does create an action movie with twists and turns. Not bad.

A Flor d (fr) wrote: CAN YOU SAY HELL FUCKING YA! and people still wonder why we have Affirmative Action, imagine if we took it away now with all this shit going on!

Sara W (ru) wrote: suprisingly pretty good. i liked it. didnt kno it was like...norwegian? swedish? european?

Hossein N (es) wrote: July 2010 - I feel Assayas was trying too hard to make a B movie and this end up a very bad one. The story remains shallow (as probably it was intended to be) but the actions and various unrealistic plots never unify to leave me with almost anything positive to say about the movie.

Jorge G (jp) wrote: Nice movie, its a little too by the numbers though. The score was so cliche it hurt.

Naomi G (fr) wrote: #3 on the list of best Dirty Harry movies. You don't need to see these movies in any kind of order since there is no continuation of plot between them and that their endings do not correspond to their successor's beginning's. You might find yourself laughing out loud at what one character describes as Harry's "cro-magnon" utterances but, like Heston and Reagan, Eastwood and Siegel are dyed in the wool conservatives and they backed it up off stage to prove it. Eastwood would eventually use his stardom to make a successful bid for Republican mayor of Carmel, CA.What makes this movie #3 is the annoying murderer that Harry seeks to bring to justice. I guess Seigel made him so annoying so that the audience would be gratified when Harry shoots him, but he was so annoying I hoped he wasn't even in the movie to begin with. Which is impossible to hope for seeing as the die of the movie had already been cast.Other detractions from cinematic bliss: a bad script because it is very choppy.

Brendan N (ca) wrote: I liked this more then I would have liked to admit. the film starts off without much of a bang but as soon as Liotta is dropped off on the island it becomes a much more interesting film. a lot of the story works but it asks a lot of the audience in regards to realism. the film deserves to gain some cult status because it offers a similiar mad max scenario and Liotta carried the film. if you like sci fi & the cult favourite Fortress then this is right up your alley. Dumb honest fun that tries very hard to be something much more then a simple action film. Interesting story & direction from Campbell, don't feel guilty for enjoying this film it has a lot going for it

Noah C (mx) wrote: One big cliche moment.

Tiago C (gb) wrote: Um relato realista e algo animalesco do quotidiano de uma jovem sem-abrigo, viciada em drogas e mortalmente apaixonada. O filme baseado na histria de vida de Arielle Holmes, que segundo a dupla de realizadores foi encontrada no meio da rua, mas cujo potencial como atriz, ou "estrela", como constantemente apelidou Joshua durante a sesso do filme, fez-se sentir de imediato. Filme bem cru, sem muita frescura. A trilha sonora, em determinados momentos, cria tenso, terror e psicodelia. Bom filme.

Eliabeth M (mx) wrote: This was a cute movie

Jeff H (ru) wrote: I remember liking this movie alot. I doesn't hold up like I hoped it would, but I'll still give it a pass.

Michael T (br) wrote: A good cast in a muddled movie.