Tales from the Crapper

Tales from the Crapper

Anthology of horror stories from Troma Entertainment.

Anthology of horror stories from Troma Entertainment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tales from the Crapper torrent reviews

Sally J (de) wrote: Its not a great movie but I like it. Simple story that brings the charm of Paris of the 30's. The cinematography, costume, singing, music & the heart warming story should make this film well worth a watch.

Larry T (it) wrote: Like one of the main characters is accused of being, this film is just one big gay cliche topped off with some painful acting. However, I will concede to a few (so very few) moments that did make me laugh.

Sagar N (au) wrote: Nice flick..........

Private U (gb) wrote: The only interesting question this film asks is, "Why wasn't this sent straight to DVD?"

Aria C (au) wrote: This movie feels like a long episode of a boring police drama. It came on TV and I thought at first that it was, and only continued watching trying to remember what show Samuel L. Jackson is in. Talent is wasted in this movie.

William J (it) wrote: Nice feel-good movie

Martha P (de) wrote: Awesome (Bella) for sure!

Michael W (gb) wrote: Series of unsigned love letters sets off unintended chain of events when they fall into the wrong hands. Solid results for such an obvious premise. Features contributions from Fred Ward, Kelly Preston and Lori Loughlin and incorporates no less than three songs from the band Autograph.

Pixel P (gb) wrote: The Trinity series is the best starring Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.

Jeff T (jp) wrote: Thought this one was awesome

Thorne W (gb) wrote: The whole movie is a joke.... and a bad one at that. It has a few humorous scenes, about the only really funny scenes are the scenes where Travis is brain-blocked and Alice Cooper's scenes. The movie redeemed itself a bit when Alice came on playing the song "Pain", just because it's one of the best little-known Alice Cooper songs out there. Other than that though, the movie is worthless, so unless you're a fan of one of the musicians in the movie, steer clear. In closing, I couldn't get past how much Meat Loaf reminds me of a really young, really fat, long-haired Malcolm McDowell.

Robert R (gb) wrote: Awesome movie! Unbelievable drive and determination of both the two guys involved.

Patrick D (fr) wrote: Less awful than I was given to believe. Sure Tina Turner can't act, and the second half descends into Peter Pan territory, but on the other hand, I thought the world-building was more believable than Furry Road and the thunderdome action sequence was similarly better than anything in the new film.