Tales of Manhattan

Tales of Manhattan

Ten screenwriters collaborated on this series of tales concerning the effect a tailcoat cursed by its tailor has on those who wear it. The video release features a W.C. Fields segment not included in the original theatrical release.

An actor, Paul Orman, is accidentally told that his new, custom made tail coat has been cursed and it will bring misfortune to all who wear it. As the 4 succeeding wearers of the coat ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Snehal N (ag) wrote: Everyone is born equal...treated differently.

James D (kr) wrote: this looks crappy i mean look at the poster.

Luis M (ca) wrote: Mucha accion y aventura al estilo como lo sabe hacer Jackie Chan.

Fascade F (ru) wrote: I had a very high expectation of this movie...it let me down with the continuous changing of scenery from a memory to the current happening and back again to the bad memory. Killing everyone that gets in the way of you and the one that causes the unforgivable discrepancy in your life is surely not a good motive for the chemistry for vengeance or revenge. See this...if you dare...then again...don't even dare! LOL!

Anthony C (jp) wrote: One of my favorite troma films. This movie is sick,disgusting,hilarious,and at times extremely politically incorrect. WHICH makes it great!!!. The movie is a Troma film in a troma film as well as a paordy of the giallo genre. This movie is also filmed with kaufmans views of hollywood vs the indies and has a great (and rater sick) twist in it. Recommened to troma fans and fans of bad taste comedys.

Nick M (ca) wrote: It's okay considering the premise. I'd definitely recommend it for a loose, fun ride.

Dave R (fr) wrote: a love triangle involving a cop, drug dealer and a woman. the friendship between the cop and the dealer never really seems plausible. and the film drags in some points. it also seemed highly derivative of miami vice - and it essentially feels like one long and not particularly good episode of miami vice.

Andrew (ca) wrote: Terrible dialogue, terrible exposition and a nonsensical story are carried by great stunts and laugh inducing lines.

Jamie B (ag) wrote: A brilliant, poignant film which expertly captures the hostile dog eat dog (almost literally) atmosphere of a POW camp. Full of complex moral dilemmas and a great example of the isolationism felt by soldiers at war. A true classic

Angelo C (kr) wrote: I used to LOVE this movie, and I still really like it. A solid comedy with a solid cast.

Sujit O (es) wrote: Incredible. To finally understand what happens in the LHC and more importantly to see the grand scale of importance of whats happening here. The search for the universal truth. Are we living in a world of chaos were we try to find order or is it a world of supersymmetry of a complete ordered nature? Finally as with all things in life, philosphically or grounded in reality, there is always a middle ground were all extrremes come together as is seen with this unbelievable documentary too. Highly recommended to everyone.

Mikhail B (ca) wrote: A nice, unassuming detective story where the course of the investigation is slightly meshed up with the racism issues. A cool-headed black homicide expert (Sidney Poitier) gets arrested in one of the Southern states for alleged murder (but, as it turns out, basically, for being black) and is kept in the police precinct until he shows his badge. As he informs his superior that he is apparently late, the latter suggests that Sidney stays on in the city to help local police investigate the crime. And so he does regardless of the chilly welcome he receives there. After proving the innocence of three erroneously jailed people and finding the real killer among the least suspected, he gains respect and appreciation of the sheriff who, in the beginning of the film hardly took him for a human being.

Damien F (ag) wrote: Spader and Lowe star as the 2 Coreys in this sumptuous Todd Haynes era recreation of the '90's classic porn flick:" Nancy Reagan, wee lassie, cum home." The film is touching, in all the right places, poignant and saccharine sweet.(It's 5 stars from me, and a Hell of a good night from Rob.)