Tales of Terror: Haunted Apartment

Tales of Terror: Haunted Apartment

Aimi and her father move into an old, apartment building and learn quickly that things are not as they seem.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:haunting,   ghost,   revenge,  

Aimi and her father move into an old, apartment building and learn quickly that things are not normal here. The landlord warns Aimi and her father of the curfew. First, all residents must ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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E A (kr) wrote: Loved this movie. It has a very indie feeling genre which I prefer. Emma Roberts as always does an outstanding job, alongside James Franco. The other actors were unimportant and annoying. The movie has a very relatable and dark give. If you're in the mood to look at your life, watch this movie

Kevin A (kr) wrote: I love how this movie brings back that creepy vibe from the first two. The only thing I disagree with was the ending to this. I love the mysteries in this, and the gore was awesome!

Samir S (fr) wrote: Starts well but turns mediocre in the second half... Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia make it worthy home video though...

Minnie E (br) wrote: J'ai bien aim... surtout la deuxime partie o Kajol et Ajay doivent faire face la maladie de Kajol... c'tait vraiment sympa...

Ula B (ag) wrote: Don't know what to say,...

Anatoliy S (au) wrote: In the immortal words of Scooby Doo's cousin, Scooby Dum, "Dumm dee dum dum dum." Lots of violence and fights but the "script" sort of bounces around from bad guy, good guy, killer, bad guy with heart of gold, etc. But the worst part is listening to Old White Male Seagal speak Ebonics- just plain idiotic. If you want violence, check it out, but save a queue space and see if it's on cable. Even for hard core Seagal fans this has got to be one of the lower tier efforts.

Shanna O (br) wrote: Reminds me of "Kids" but not nearly as good.

Hannah D (ag) wrote: It's kind of boring, I had a hard time sticking with it in the beginnign towards the end it got better but not great.

shalia w (fr) wrote: i luv this movie.But it was sad when pritty was died.

Duncan K (kr) wrote: Well, it's a comedy that pokes fun at corporate businesses. That's something we can all appreciate.

Tanner S (ag) wrote: Woah! This movie's shit, y'all!

Danny O (br) wrote: Somebody needs to burn this film. In this satire skewering Hollywood movie making, Eric Idlestars as a film editor who gets a shot at directing a big-budget film (starring Sylvester Stallone and Whoopi Goldberg, no less) but is foiled by his producer (Ryan O'Neal). The premise builds on the age-old showbiz tradition of directors pulling their names from projects and replacing them with "Alan Smithee" credits to show that too many cooks have spoiled the cinematic broth. OK, so now that the movie is finished with let me just start by saying this is a horrible film. I heard that this film was basically called "the worst film of all-time", and liked swooped seven awards at The Golden Raspberry's, and I wanted to give it a shot and actually see for myself. Now I wish I never made that decision. Basically this film has a Mockumentary feel to it, like The Office or This Is Spinal Tap...., but this film takes that and moves it completely nowhere we expected. The film had little scenes that were just interviews that seemed to talk about the same crap after all this time. They were either talking about the director or the movie, or they were showing scenes that had nothing to do with the story at hand. The worst thing about this film that really just made me want to kill something was it's annoying on-going jokes about bigger and better stars. I understand a little pun joke here and there but once you do the same joke in a different format then I start to get really annoyed. The jokes labeled around stars such as Hugh Grant, OJ Simpson, and others I can't remember cause there were so many. I hated how this film tried to be funny but also insightful in a way, and does neither. The film tries showing how people in the film industry react with one another and really it just doesn't play out to where we get what is the message behind it all. Maybe the only the only thing saving this movie is it's lead performance from Ryan O'Neal. Out of this whole film he is the only good thing as he is so condescending and arrogant that he actually feels like a real person that you just hate. There are little cameos in this film that are just meaningful and make no addition to the story other than just having another big name for the card. Consensus: Irony has never been placed so wisely. This film should've been burned right from the moment it was conceived. The comedy is so obvious that it's just dumb, and there is absolute no insight about Hollywood that we haven't seen before. 1/10=SomeOleBullShiiittt!!!!

Haden S (jp) wrote: great name but......

Marcus W (de) wrote: If someone tries to tell you that it's a cult classic and that you should watch it, don't listen to them.

Damir A (it) wrote: A pale imitation of the original. Watchable though.