Tales of the Brothers Quay

Tales of the Brothers Quay

This compilation by the Bother Quay are a montage of several of their short stop-motion films.

This compilation by the Bother Quay are a montage of several of their short stop-motion films. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tales of the Brothers Quay torrent reviews

Shaun B (kr) wrote: Due to finances, time considerations, as well as the laws surrounding international releases, I am not always able to watch the movies I want when I want. As a result I sometimes find myself making an impulse buy to satisfy movie watching desires that have remained unfulfilled. Case in point was my purchase of This Girl is Badass. The movie stars Thai actress 'Jeeja' Yanin Vismitananda, from Chocolate and Raging Phoenix fame. Jeeja has become famous as she is a martial artist who has been compared to another Thai actor, Tony Jaa. I am a sucker for a good stunt based martial arts flick. I wanted to see both of these other movies of hers, but never had the opportunity. So, when I was standing at the store and saw the Thai action-comedy, This Girl is Badass, starring the famed female butt-kicker, I thought this was my chance to finally see her in action. My wife took one look at it and warned me it would be stupid. The impulse was too much, it overpowered her warning. The cast is hard to critique for the script is so bad I can't honestly believe that the most talented actor could save it. There is no explanation for what is going on or why. You never quite understand what people are doing. For example, everyone seems to have a plan and they talk about this plan, but never talk about it and you're never shown anything that helps you understand what the plan is. "What are you going to do about the plan?", would say one while another says, "Don't worry, I have a plan." Most of what is said is some kind of joke and most of those are horribly lame. The few times there is something funny it seems to come about from the natural talents of the comedic actors staring in this film. These moments seem like improvised acting that the director decided was better than the script. Jeeja plays a young woman named Jukakalan, who is a bike messenger that delivers drugs for different crime bosses. She has an adoptive uncle named Wang, played by Petchtai Wongkamlao (a.k.a. Mum Jokmok) who is known as being a funny man and is the director of the film. She also has a very stupid friend named Naew, played by Bawriboon Chanreuang, who is always wearing bike riding uniforms. Her boss, Samureng, played by Akom Preedakul, is always dressed in some outlandish outfit that makes him look like a pornographic circus clown. She has an admirer named Duan, played by Chalerm Yamchamang, who is always dressed in white with bad pastel sweaters and bow ties. So many of the actors play their parts with outrageous accents, making them sound cheesy and cartoonish. It seems the idea was that if the actors were dressed like idiots and spoke like idiots the jokes would go over better. Jeeja begans stealing from the bosses, though why is never made clear. They want their money and thus we have incredibly unimaginative plot. I am ok with a martial arts movie having a poor premise as long as unbelievable stunts follow each other back to back. I watch these movies for the same reason people go to the circus, to see crazy unrealistic things happen before your very eyes. Jeeja's fight scenes, however, are few and far between with so much weak and annoying dialogue to wade through before you get to one. The action itself seems slower than it should as well. It is as if they didn't film it right, slow setting maybe, or Jeeja just isn't as good as Tony Jaa. There are too many times the film slows down so you can watch a not very impressive stunt play out. Normally in such movies you don't get to see a punch or kick coming. That is good. You want to be taken by surprise like the poor bastard taking the punch. Unfortunately, every last punch in this movie was telegraphed. You knew what was going to happen because the actors are standing there preparing for the foot to kick them. The choreographed moves look like unpracticed choreographed moves. The imagination behind the scenes as well is weak, only there to showcase something that they thought would be cool, but never bothering to develop a natural flow that would get the characters riding a bike rack being pulled by a van logically. Yes, this happens in the film, but you don't know why and it is not impressive. There is also a fun little public service message you're subjected to. Uncle Wang runs a store that sells movies, DVDs and VCDs. He has competition across the way from person who sells pirated DVDs. This guy does pretty well for himself, better than Wang, until he is arrested and sent to prison for selling pirated DVDs. Wang then gives the viewer an after school special speech about how the law is changing. It will bring harsh punishments to people who pirate movies and how pirating a DVD is theft, just like any other kind of theft. He holds his head in frustration over why anyone would want to steal someone else's idea. If only Hollywood had Uncle Wang as a spokesmen to talk to a nation of people as if they are little misguided children. While I still have a desire to see her other movies, for she got famous for something, I am certainly not spending any money on impulse buys. If you have any interest in watching how the Thai film industry is developing, and it is, you might want to watch this. Though, I don't see this movie doing a lot for the reputations of Thai film makers. However, I am willing to bet you care little about that, which means you have no reason to watch this film. Unless you think Jeeja is cute and just like watching her, which I am sure will sell some people. As the movie was wrapping up, it has a very long and painful ending like a villain who just won't die, my wife said, "See! I told you it was stupid. Don't listen to me, waste money." Yes, I should always heed my love's warnings.

Collin R (de) wrote: Maybe my favorite friendship flick in several years. Great characters and hilarious situations.

munch b (br) wrote: Really? Is this the best we could do? I understand the message, could have had a better sequence of events.

Ville H (mx) wrote: Aika pirstaleinen elokuva, mutta jollain tapaa ihan hyv. Puoleksi melkeen pornoa, toisaalta silm miellytti sen verran ett ei ainakaan minua haitannu. Tuskinpa tulee toista kertaa katottua silti.

Victor B (de) wrote: its in my list of 100 best Filipino films....with an ailing movie industry releasing a gem like this...

Bavon W (br) wrote: A run of the mill slasher, that stands out if only because of its premise, ok proformances, and a decent twist.

Private U (nl) wrote: I love the BBC. I love them funding these low-key British films and then screening them at night. Not too long ago they unearthed the gem that is "Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?", and last night they delivered the goods again with this one.Rik Mayall plays Marty Starr, a scheming manager who plots to kill one of his artists, thereby increasing her record sales. The artist in question is Marla Dorland, played by Jane Horrocks who for once isn't playing Jane Horrocks, and can sing really quite well. The story follows Starr's plan, and features a lunatic ex-wife, a bodyguard with a poor track record and a contract killer setting out for the first time. It's very much like a less showy, more macabre version of "Music & Lyrics", which came a decade later, with a few good songs and a fairly well-known cast. Rik Mayall is great in his Alan B'stard-type role.There's plenty of little jokes keep the film moving along steadily (the ever-lengthening album title, the Pulp Fiction spoof, the stalker letters on headed notepaper) and a nice, feel-good ending to tie everything up. You could even argue there's a deep message here on the importance of keeping your identity and not forgetting who got you where you are today - but I think it's better just to sit back and enjoy. Coconut?

Alono P (fr) wrote: Funniest movie ever!!

JDouglas M (ca) wrote: Awesome movie! Acting & story were excellent. Brad Pitt did an excellent job playing the role of an inbread psycho.

Jesse R (br) wrote: Scary, spooky and bloody. Pretty decent flick.

Nate S (us) wrote: Not even remotely funny, and the first fart/poop gag came within a few minutes. I didn't bother to finish it. Unimaginative, and a massively wasted opportunity to really do something great with a kinda cool premise.

Andrew S (ru) wrote: Good Wolfpack movie and much better than Part II.