Tales of the Stinking Military Service

Tales of the Stinking Military Service

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Tales of the Stinking Military Service torrent reviews

Zack B (us) wrote: Terribly disappointing. The acting was horrible, especially from the squinting acrobatics of Michael Madsen who is unbearably miscast. Where was the Brian Eno soundtrack? I hardly heard a note. The only thing that was somewhat tolerable was Asia Argento's capricious performance, full of torrential eroticism and wide-eyed desperation. It isn't perfect, but at least she shows someone cared about making it a decent film.

Gayle R (jp) wrote: I'll wait for it to come out on video

Rosie T (it) wrote: Errmm, okaay I suppose. Got nothin' on the original though!

Scott C (au) wrote: Waste of a great cast in my opinion.

Carlos I (us) wrote: Interesting, but sleazy picture. The lead actress is so horrible and almost completely torpedoes the whole movie, but listening to Cohen's ideas on the picture, gives me a different appreciation for the whole thing.

David B (fr) wrote: Cheesy and lacking some production value (moon buggy wheels rolling into shot!) but enjoyable nonetheless. Actually the first half is really good but once things go to vegas, the film loses its way. Not Sean's best, the toupe doesn't fit!lExcellent Soundtrack, Shirley Bassey's title track is the best of all Bond songs.The film had some of the best one liners in the entire series too.

Maximilien K (fr) wrote: Quelques super chansons, deux scnes de ballet fabuleuses, de jolis costumes, de bons acteurs / chanteurs. Certes c'est un peu... kitsch, mais c'est un trs bon moyen de d (C)couvrir une com (C)die musicale au livret fort int (C)ressant.

Alexander B (br) wrote: Jurassic World, has amazing performances and awesome action scenes, but it leaves the original at a terrible impact to this film...