Set in 1962, idealistic healthcare officer Kulasatri has been assigned to work in the cape village of Taloompuk where she meets Jaa Chang, an idealistic navy sergeant who has suffered from ...

Set in 1962, idealistic healthcare officer Kulasatri has been assigned to work in the cape village of Taloompuk where she meets Jaa Chang, an idealistic navy sergeant who has suffered from ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seth W (ru) wrote: Cool premise! It was really slow passed, which was a bit of a turn off, but it kept my attention. I think this is gonna be a movie I need to rewatch to enjoy more if I were to re-watch it, like Unfriended.

Sandra A (ru) wrote: excellent movie. You can see the kind of life in Market 4, Paraguay in where people may be happy even though the extreme poverty

Christopher C (es) wrote: The first hour is great!!! The last half hour is confusing, sloppy, and forgettable.

Darren W (ag) wrote: A terrific low budget thriller that has you on the edge of the seat from beginning to end.

Coxxie M (kr) wrote: When is this fucking picture supposed to take place? 1970's? 1940's? now? judging by Vincent's outfits, it should be 1979, except he dresses like that everyday on and off the sets of movies. i think his mother brought him home from the hospital with women's bell-bottoms and red boots on. its pretty funny to watch him in 90% of his scenes with an unlit cigarette in his mouth and it just sits there like a funny hat. he moves it around with his teeth, takes it in and out between words, and the few times you see him light it, no smoke comes out of his mouth. so i think he's trying some of those new toothpicks that are designed to look like cigarettes. he doesn't smoke in real life. as a Vincenzo obsessor, i can say this is one of his best works in terms of just being an italian prick. this is also apparently the first film he had rehearsed for, which shows because you can see the prickiness in his eyes in every shot. and when he lights his cigarettes and doesn't even take the energy to inhale, you can just tell he fucking hates people really hard. Vincent Gallo mumbles the word "asshole" in his sleep.

Jamie C (ca) wrote: An ok animated film that is quite funny in places, We could tell it was from the Adam Sandler crew as the jokes were split even between kids and adults, I like the fact that they had literally every monster we knew in the film, The story was ok but nothing new, It did feel very rushed and thin at times, I can't comment on the 3D as I watched the 2D version, Overall an ok animation that suffers from a predictable plot and might scare the younger children watching, It's not a bad movie but there is better animations out there.

Andy C (kr) wrote: Feels a little incomplete but has some great perspective on the history of arcades.

Hamor R (ca) wrote: Music was awesome...movie needs some work on it

Randy P (mx) wrote: Ichi the killer is ultra violent, with some of the darkest humor I've seen in a film. Not for the weak stomached. I can say I was entertained.

Juan H (ru) wrote: A modern silent movie for all intents and purposes. Great love stories don't always need words....

Amy K (it) wrote: I thought this was a great movie. Always keeps you thinking about what the characters are thinking and why they act they do. Omar was great; he looks like a goody two shoes but he really is quite smart and cunning. Johnny was brilliant; what a charismatic actor! There was no need for us to see their relationship develop; it just happened in the middle of the movie. It wasn't a surprise; they had chemistry the first time they met onscreen. I liked how they presented so many issues (racism, nationality, love etc) in such a believable way. Loved the two leads and the supporting characters were interesting in their own ways.

Dustin R (es) wrote: The kinda sequel to The Big Gundown, and it delivers. Not as good, but still, and awesome score, plus Donald O'Brien teams up with Milian.

Kai T (es) wrote: Best Mickey Mouse movie ever! So much music I love!

Esa K (ca) wrote: No olipa kuluneita sikyttelyklisheit. Buaaaaaah.

Hammer G (jp) wrote: Audio n visual overload!!