Fed up of Dilip's involvement with gold digging actress Nayantara, Dilip's uncle pretends to be gravely ill in hopes of guilting him into marrying a decent girl. Dilip convinces reluctant Kiran to pretend to be his fiancée. Dilip and Kiran soon fall in love, and Nayantara decides to intervene.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1952
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Tamasha 1952 full movies, Tamasha torrents movie

Dilip, spoilt and careless grandson of wealthy Rai Bahadur, is in love with film actress Nayantara and wants to marry her. However, Nayantara wants to marry him only for his wealth. Rai ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tamasha torrent reviews

Lyndsay C (fr) wrote: I liked it mostly... until maybe halfway or a quarter through. Then people started doing all the things that you shouldn't if you want to survive.

Alexandre S (jp) wrote: Santiago, o homem, formidvel, e perdo at a peruca. Mas enquanto ouvia a narrao de Fernando Moreira Salles no conseguia parar de pensar, "Que voz de bunda. Fala que nem gente. Que voz de choro. No fala emocionado, deixa eu ficar emocionado."

bill s (mx) wrote: Does not break new ground but Gleeson shines.

Josh D (fr) wrote: i hate dramas. it wasn't my choice to see this....

Michael R (br) wrote: Wtf...Australia Is One Seriously Messed Up Place...So Is America...

Steve S (de) wrote: Really good film but extremely hard to follow, miss one thing and your wondering for the rest of the movie.I paused & rewound several times to try and work things out.But who cares it had Jason Ritter playing a gay guy so that's all I can remember seeing actually haha :)

Artrs L (es) wrote: I see life that never comes to pass.

Khrystean S (ca) wrote: i rented this because i recognized lalita panyopas from thai dramas i watched as a kid. and i watched last life before i watched this, and saw that pen-ek had directed it. you can't really judge this on the same criteria as last life, because i think pen-ek really achieved what his ultimate aim for the movie was. which was a dark comedy that is sort of alienating to the audience (obviously, as i see a lot of comments that remark upon the ambiguous humor that makes you feel awkward -- not knowing whether to laugh or feel some sort of pity for lalita's character). this movie was super funny if you have *that* sense of humor. and mama > wai wai.

Andy B (es) wrote: I wanted to look away, but I just couldn't...right around when a boy has sex with an actual girl with down syndrome is when I turned it off. Don't watch it, it is garbage.

xniquet L (br) wrote: Sister moves in, sisters fucks and steals husband, husband and sister moves out. I am surprised how things never get ugly. For me smashing up a toilet doesn't count. Anyway, Miranda Otto is damn young and delicious.

Joshua L (au) wrote: Pure piece of crap Sci-Fi movie that stars Jesse 'The Body' Ventura. You can find it for $1 at your local 'Big Lots' store.

Debra L (jp) wrote: Two great actresses, Cher and Meryl Streep

Robert C (nl) wrote: There isn't much of a story here. To the extent that it remains watchable, it's due to Fassbinder's masterful direction.

Stephen R (jp) wrote: I'mAMovieNerd.Org....watching this, I see instantly that the commander of the Japanese Destroyer is played by the actor who I recognize by face and voice from many many many viewings of Die Hard as Takagaki....that is how you know i am a lonely nerdy loveless over movie watching loser...end of storyoh, and you know that cuz I am watching a movie like this, againso there

Andrea B (ca) wrote: I would pretty much watch Christopher Walken watching paint dry and Al Pacino and Alan Arkin are other of my favorites, so just watching them together elevates an otherwise unmemorable script. Except for the surprise ending; I LOVED it!

Eric F (us) wrote: You have to laugh at the strange dry humorVery odd film, but enjoyed Johnny Depp's performance