Também Somos Irmãos

Também Somos Irmãos

Renato and Miro are black brothers raised by the family of the Caucasian Marta in an old mansion in Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. Renato is graduated and has always looked for dignity, winning in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda G (ag) wrote: This movie probably wasn't that bad it was just boring.

Muyu M (ca) wrote: a typical trashy romantic story in New York. Plz don't trash this city any more.

nicole m (br) wrote: mildly entertaining for a pretty rubbish movie. there are the odd scary moments so it gains an extra star for the effort. as for Thora birch what happened to her since american beauty to resort to such a bad performance?

Tyler V (de) wrote: I absolutely love disaster movies, and this definitely was a good one. Just...not the best.

Zachary Y (ag) wrote: Effective, though preachy and somewhat poorly acted.

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