Tangled Ever After

Tangled Ever After

The kingdom is in a festive mood as everyone gathers for the royal wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn. However, when Pascal and Maximus, as flower chameleon and ring bearer, respectively, lose the gold bands, a frenzied search and recovery mission gets underway. As the desperate duo tries to find the rings before anyone discovers that they’re missing, they leave behind a trail of comical chaos that includes flying lanterns, a flock of doves, a wine barrel barricade and a very sticky finale. Will Maximus and Pascal save the day and make it to the church in time? And will they ever get Flynn’s nose right?

The kingdom is abuzz over the royal wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tangled Ever After torrent reviews

Michael B (au) wrote: Good movie, surprising end twist to an otherwise ho-hum predictable story line.

Sam E (us) wrote: the animation isn't great but it's still a fun movie.

Jason H (ru) wrote: Loved it. For being a classically animated film that deals with adult issues, this movie is tops. I'm sick of all those hollywood blockbuster 3D pixar type movies. This movie is original, creative, and a pleasure to watch. Even though not single coherent word is spoken, the beautiful animation carries the story with ease. Highly recommended.

Steve S (it) wrote: *** (out of four) A pretty good look at the law abiding and criminal life of Andre Stander, an Australian lawman who turned to a life of robbing banks. He became a cultural figure Down Under. Thomas Jane stars as Stander, and captures the charisma and volatile personality that the real-life supposedly had. The film is entertaining and very watchable. I do wish that I was able to understand Stander more than I did. A little bit more indepth writing may have helped.

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Mandy V (gb) wrote: I ended up just skipping to all the interesting/scenic parts, which were pretty cool, so I decided to give it 2 stars. Other than that....

Katelin W (au) wrote: Fun! Recommended to those who like Shawn of the Dead.

Aiden M (au) wrote: All time classic with fantastic acting and a great story line