Tango Bar

Tango Bar

After many years, Ricardo and Antonio, two former partners, will reunite in their Tango Bar in Buenos Aires. Ricardo, the partner still owning the bar, reminiscences the days of their old show "Esto es Tango" while waiting for Antonio.

A fled Tango show owner returns to Buenos Aires to join his partners after the oppressive government of Argentina has dissolved. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex D (mx) wrote: Avalio com meia estrela este filme de "horror", apenas e somente pelos momentos extremamente hilariantes que me proporcionou.

The Critic (de) wrote: More juvenile antics from the 'American Pie' franchise in this third direct-to-DVD offering. Pledges and fraternity house wars that pay tribute to 'Animal House' (1978) and 'Revenge of the Nerds' (1984) are the backdrop (that is, excuse) for an abundance of breasts and bodily fluids... not of all of which originated from humans. The young cast are well and truly in the spirit of the antics on offer, with engaging performances from John White and Steve Talley reprising their roles as cousins Erik and Dwight Stifler from 'American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile' (2006); franchise regular Eugene Levy is a welcome presence. Disregarding the feminist movement in every conceivable way, this beer-and-pizza movie is strictly for the boys. With an onslaught of gross-out gags, this is shameful fun if you're in the mood.

Mika P (es) wrote: Nive comics movie with great script. Great movie to rent and enjoy. Mix modern and magic.

Beth J (kr) wrote: I watched this on a whim this morning and was pleasantly surprised that I liked it. It's sad, but somewhat hopeful in the end. Great cast.

Beth D (nl) wrote: This was great. I mean fantastic. It showed a real women, and real sex. I really enjoyed this. Well written, GREAT actors and it was just fantastic. Definitely a chick movie, but still. The best part was the sex scene where she ends her celibacy. It's awkward and funny.

Another V (kr) wrote: Having just watched some other movies about robots reminds me of this movie about robots.It's been a while since I've seen this one.I, Robot brings sci fi writer Isaac Asimov's sci fi writing to life.Along with being a tale of robots vs humans, it's also a murder mystery.I enjoyed it. Lots of action and suspense.

Randy W (fr) wrote: I'll never look at banana the same way again... or James Bond,for that matter.

Heidi E (br) wrote: A zombie like movie that is hilariously cheesy and over the top. So over the top that you can't help but chuckle throughout. Filled with gross gore effects, but not scary to watch.

Paul D (gb) wrote: This movie is pretty awful, but it tends to be a bit funny because of it. Still, not funny enough that I would recommend anyone watch it. However, the scenes with a very young Jean-Claude Van Damme in them are the best in the movie.

Steve S (br) wrote: let's just say I won't watch it again.

Lance I (jp) wrote: This Movie is for those who have a strange affinity for B monster films. The acting was bad and the monster was goofy , another Roger Corman classic. The Concept however was brilliant and later combined with the plot of 'It Terror from Beyond Space' eventually became the plot for 'Alien'.

Jerome W (jp) wrote: Since American Movie Classics has turned to crap and i can't get the Fox Movie Network, I'm coming to see more and more how special the Turner Movie Classics channel is. The variety of material they show, in addition to familiar old films, is amazing, cartoons, silents, newsreels, Yiddish films, musical shorts. I was reminded last night of how special the network is when I saw a movie called "Within Our Gates" there. This film, a 1920 silent, is actually in the National Film Registry because it's historically significant as the oldest surviving feature directed by an African-American, Oscar Micheaux, who had a long career directing films for black audiences. How is the movie? That's a little complicated. As you might imagine the film was made on a tiny budget but that doesn't really show. The production values are no better or worse than any surviving programmer of that time. The problem is Micheaux's direction. He tries to pack so many plots into one movie, the result leaves you dizzy. One story starts, then another barely connected one takes its place. Flashbacks can be momentary or they go into yet another barely related tale. The editing is so choppy you barely know who is doing what where and to whom at any given time. These problems exist not only in this film but in later Micheaux talkies I've seen. I've seen him described as "the black Ed Wood", but that is really unfair. Micheaux was not some enthusiastic but incompetent bungler who only wanted to tell sleazy exploitation and horror stories. His films had the sort of serious purpose any black artist would have had in the early 20th Century, exposing the problems and issues facing black Americans. If you just look at certain sequences in "Within Our Gates" instead of trying to digest the whole, you see that he could build a powerful bit of drama out of these troubles. I won't try to describe the convoluted plot but it concerns in part the struggles of the small percentage of educated blacks of that time to give the rest of their people the opportunity to learn to read and write and have a real education. It blasts the whites who wanted to keep black people docile and ignorant so they could be taken advantage of and also a crooked black preacher who shucks and jives before the whites and tells his congregation that not getting an education will keep them "pure" and help them get to Heaven quicker. Later in the film, Micheaux takes on a far greater evil, lynching. This was a terrifying problem throughout the South and sometimes in other parts of the U. S. in the first half of the 20th Century. There were Southern communities where whites would hang black men and women from trees on the basis of any sort of imagined slight or insult, no to mention actual crimes. In some cases a mob would pick on some unlucky soul who had done nothing more than cross their path and string him up. When Micheaux deals with this,he doesn't mess around. In the film a black sharecropper is wrongfully accused of murdering the landowner he works for. When a mob catches up with him, they hang both him [color=black][u]and[/u] his wife who'd been accused of nothing and set fire to their bodies. There's also the character of a shifty black servant who is the one that fingers the sharecropper. The mob hangs him just for the hell of it. While all this is going on another white man is trying to rape the couple's adopted daughter, the heroine of the movie.[/color] If nothing else Micheaux knows how to create a powerful image. Just seeing ropes thrown over a crossbeam or dangling feet is enough to get the message across. Watching the heroine fight with her attacker, I remembered the reversed scenario in the technically brilliant but morally disgusting "Birth Of A Nation" where brutish ex-slaves were trying to ravish white Southern womanhood and the "gallant" Ku Klux Klan rode to the rescue. I have a feeling that Micheaux was thinking about that movie when making this and saying to his audience "Damn that 'heroic white knights' bull. [u]This[/u] is what's really happening." Unfortunately Mcheaux's film only reached black audiences and they already knew the truth (though I was surprised to see so many white actors in the film. In the black films of the sound era you never saw any whites.). In the end maybe Oscar Micheaux couldn't tell a coherent story from beginning to end but he could make one hell of a point.

Logan M (br) wrote: It's a lot more disposable than "Borat," but Sacha Baron Cohen's character is memorably funny.

Caesar M (mx) wrote: Now I notice two things wrong with this movie before watching it. The first was that there was no Mel Gibson on the cover. My second problem was the name Scott Adkins, who I last saw in the very poorly made movie simply titled Ninja. El Gringo is about a man with no name (really original) crossing into Mexico with a bag of full of money (not at all similar to that Mel Gibson movie) and it's up to him save a town run by criminals (once again, highly original). So in the first fifteen minutes of our gritty movie the main character focus is to, find a glass of water. This unfortunately becomes a recurring joke in the movie which is really unfunny and the movie even ends with a joke about buying a glass of water before the credits roll. So our main characters walks into a bar and we're introduce to a lovely bartender, or I should say we're introduce to her chest since that where cameraman main focus is at. This bartender becomes his love interest despite the fact they barely share any personal details about themselves to each other in the very few scenes they share. So after some more forgettable dialogue and acting we get to see good old Scott kicking some ass with his Martial Art skills. Which the movie never bother to explain how he got, are we just suppose to assume every Mexican cop is highly trained in the skills of Martial Art. Moving on, the next thing our gritty movie has our character doing is, looking for a bus out of town. Wow, finding a glass water and looking for a bus out of town sure sounds like events that would keep anyone at the edge of their seat. So through very poor exposition we learn the criminals want Scott's bag so they can just give it to someone else and come up with a genius plan to get his bag by, making Scott miss his bus. What else did this studio make, Dragon Eyes, well it step up in terms of intelligence. So the criminals tried to make Scott miss his bus, but little did they know they were messing with THE Scott Adkins who previously had killed dozen of ninjas in Ninja and literally kills around fifty people in less than five minutes in one action scene. It is disappointing that the later action scenes aren't as violent since Scott Adkins is fun to watch in action mode and is one of the more entertaining American Martial Artist. So after getting shot two times the bartender tends to his wounds while our hero face gets time with her chest. The bartender decides to cover his wounds with, her bra and underwear. Does anyone in this studio even read their own scripts before making these movies? During all that "intense" excitement we have Christian Slater looking for Scott all the while giving a very poor performance. Aside from the fact he barely got any development and screen time I was completely "shock" to find out he working with the criminals the whole time. Now for some reason people in Mexico keep turning black and white whenever they come close to death, I got no idea what the director was smoking when he chose to do this. Another problem you'll notice is that certain characters get their own titles cards despite the fact they serve little purpose to the movie. Moving on, Christian Slater finds Scott and puts him in prison. Little did Christian Slater and the other criminals know is that Scott replaced a window with bars with another window with bars that can easily come off and Scott Adkins just happened to know the exact prison the criminals would take him if he ever got captured. This movie plot has more holes than SpongeBob SquarePants. Eventually Scott get his bag from Slater in a boring car chase, which to the movie credit is not as bad as Scott fighting a criminal who keeps picking up his hat every time it's knocked off his head. So we see some criminals burning down Scott love interest bar and Scott just happens to get their at the right time despite driving all the way to the border to retrieve his bag and having no working car after his car chase. So the people decide to surround Scott not because he killed dozen of criminals and made the town a slightly safer place, but because he giving them money. So he saves his love interest with no big exciting climax and saves the town, the end. Which despite it poor writing it did make me laugh and I did enjoy Scott Adkins even with his bad acting. It has some solid action, but a poor plot might make you quit watching before getting to them. El Gringo might be terribly written, horribly acted, with poor direction, but it's a step up from Scott other efforts. It's a dumb action movie with allot of noticeable plot holes and solid action scenes so there's certainly an audience for this kind of mess. Though the majority would want to checkout the well receive Get the Gringo with Mel Gibson over this poor man version any day.

Del F (de) wrote: Sweet portrayal of a reticent, 70-something widow pressing out against her shell into new friendships and romance. Blythe Danner is excellent. But nothing much feels new or revelatory. And who names a male dog "Hazel"?

Matthew U (ru) wrote: Awesome movie but just goes to show if you're ever going to do a real major crime don't do it with anybody else other than yourself because there is always someone who is the weaker link but that was a great movie

Jared B (ca) wrote: There's no denying that Law Abiding Citizen's plot is flawed and a little over the top. However, intriguing performances by Jaimie Fox and Gerard Butler and an awesome revenge premise allows Law Abiding Citizen to be a watchable and at times, a downright fun popcorn movie.

Ian C (mx) wrote: It has its moments and both Damon and Kinnear are excellent but it just doesn't really work and despite the premise and it been a Farrelly brother's flick it wasn't that gross out and maybe that's why it just wasn't funny. Good cameo from Meryl Streep and a serious twitch off Mendes.