After relocating his family - and his prized restored Sherman tank - to a small Georgia town, Sargeant Major Zack Carey (James Garner) butts heads with the local sheriff. Zack doesn't agree with the ways of the local police, and when the sheriff goes after Zack's son (C. Thomas Howell), it's time for Zack to roll out the Sherman tank and wage a little war of his own.

Sergeant Major Zak Carey is serving what is his final tour of duty at an Army base in Clemens, Georgia. Zak doesn't like the way the Army keeps the base and the bar is not what he's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rangan R (ru) wrote: Back to normal is sometimes not good.The movie did not reach my expectation, but still I enjoyed watching it. A story like this I never thought would do fairly, a better movie from the average section. I think not without the Aubrey Plaza, she as a Beth was excellent. Not a career defining performance, but funny enough. The story looks only faintly different from other similar films, but a few good scenes saved it. If it had a couple more good jokes and maybe a twist, surely would have been done greatly at the box office.There's no surprise material in it, I thinks that's negative about it. Easy to read the situation and predict the story within the first 15 minutes, but the second half was drastically changed its pace as well as the atmosphere in the story. If you've not seen many zombie films, especially comedy ones, then you may find it better than average.Definitely a decent direction for a first timer, got a good support from the cast. For a small budget, this is a wonderful production quality. It surely upset you if you expect like 'Warm Bodies' or 'Shaun of the Dead', but if you know all about it before giving a try, the disappointment will be lessened and you may have a decent time pass with it.6/10

Michael A (ca) wrote: Terrible - like a 90 min episode of Neighbours. Suspect it won't last in cinemas very long. There were only two other people in my session tonight.

Jose Miguel G (ru) wrote: It lasts a little too long than it should've but, at the end of the day, it pays of with a devastating conclussion that'll strike the viewer, compensating the tedious-grimm tone of the rest of the film, which is probably the first one (along Maelstorm) to define Villeneuve's further style.

Wayne K (mx) wrote: A film which leans too heavily on the depressive elements of life, Precious is nevertheless an effective dissection of both emotional and physical abuse among the disadvantaged. It's problems lie in its tendency to wallow in misery, and resorting to repetitive fantasy sequences for levity rather than moments of genuine relief. Mo'Nique, lauded for her performance, is genuinely terrifying and convincing malevolent as the cruel, resentful mother, and while her role is mostly one-note, it still reeks of conviction and dedication. I believe, however, that the central performance of Gabourey Sidibe is much better, purely because we see many more sides of her character, and spend enough time with her to really empathise with her situation. It's a tough sit, and won't be something to watch frequently or in a casual environment, but if you're happy to invest the time and effort, it's rewards on plenty of levels.

Heather M (br) wrote: This was a super adorable rom-com starring to feisty divorce lawyers.

Dr A (ru) wrote: I expected more out of this movie. It just became another very well groomed WWII Germany movie with very bad english acting... the topic was very good aklthough badly delivered due to bad directing.

Heather K (jp) wrote: Beautiful film. Gorgeous visually. A good story, although the end was abrupt.

Dan P (au) wrote: I knew it was going to a funny, sort of quirky romantic comedy when I played the commentary (on my DVD) before watching the movie. Kevin Smith appeared with a humorous short message about the DVD, joking around about the movie, and to put you in comic frame of mood before the movie. And so the movie goes on with a lighthearted plot with primarilyHolden (Ben Affleck), his life-long buddy and comic book partner Banky (Jason Lee) and his new lesbian girlfriend and fellow artist Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams) until love strikes and the real plot of the movie hits when in reality we are all Chasing Amy in our own lives. The original dentally inferior and pre-surgically transformed Ben Affleck acts in the vision of his true born self and Joey Lauren Adams puts on s bubbly character performance of life beyond the comic relief of the comic book world.

Reno V (nl) wrote: "MY UNCLE, THE WEREWOLF" - 'Bad Moon' is a 1996 horror film directed by Eric Red (100 Feet). The film is based on the novel 'Thor' by Wayne Smith and tells the a werewolf tale from a dog's point of view. No big surprises, just a simple horror film with nice effects, appropriate for a night of scary entertainment with a B cast. Starring Michael Par (Bloodrayne, 100 Feet) and Mariel Hemingway (Superman iV). Always thrust the dog's instinct...During an expedition in Nepal, photo-journalists Ted (Par) and his girlfriend Marjorie are attacked by a werewolf. While the beast is tearing Marjorie to pieces, Ted, who got bitten in the shoulder, is able to crawl towards a shotgun and shoots the head of the werewolf off.Not long after the events, Ted goes back to the States, where he lives in a trailer on a deserted lake-site. His sister Janet (Hemingway), her son Brett and the family dog Thor come to visit him. The dog immediately senses that there is something wrong with Ted. A couple of days later, Ted comes with his trailer to Janet's house, after she invited him because the forest where he was staying is being terrorized by some kind of animal. Little does Janet know that the murderous monster is actually a lot closer than she thinks...

Alex F (gb) wrote: Muy visible screwball comedy de David O. Russell, con varios momentos divertidos.

Stu G (jp) wrote: A film that is ahead of its time

Gavin S (de) wrote: Very cool documentary about the history of comics in America, from 1989. Interviews from the big guns like Robert Crumb, William Gaines, Stan Lee, and Frank Miller (who looks hilarious with super long hair and 20 yrs younger than today). Very interesting if you're at all interested in comics and how the underground developed, as well as how the mainstream went back and forth between different extremes.

Shelly l (it) wrote: Nun heroin yonkies , what else can I say..

Kristen M (br) wrote: Oh, I just happened by this film channel checking and what a gem! Intrigue, comedy and a most interesting plot! If this style appeals to you at all, you will thoroughly enjoy this film!

Kala A (de) wrote: Another solid performance. Love her.

Jenny R (au) wrote: Fascinating. A rare opportunity to watch everyday life in 1929. Loved it!

Brett H (ca) wrote: Fantastic film by a master director at his best!!The acting is top class across the entire cast. I must have seen this movie 10 - 15 times, but I have only just found out the Tom Hardy is in it and I didn't even recognise him...just shows how good he was in it to blend in with the American actors with a fine performance!

Joetaeb D (es) wrote: Definitely would put it on my list of most underrated movies

Trevor W (fr) wrote: A story of a high schooler trying to find his way in love, and the repercussions he faces when nothing goes his way. A perfect mash up of the quirky style we've come to love from Wes Anderson, and a truly charming character dealing with life his own way.

Laura R (ag) wrote: Can't wait to see this!!!!!