Renowned, talent singer Tansen is settled in a small village. He has a lover whom he loves madly namely Tani. His singing talent pampers everyone in his village namely the animals, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Derryl C (jp) wrote: This movie had a lot of potential to be a kick-ass action flick -- but quickly bores you with its confusing/un-engaging plot and characters. It's like a bad kung-fu ripoff of X-Men (complete with wheelchair-bound psychic). The bad guy looks identical to several "good guys", leaving you confused and unsure who to root for. The fight scenes are almost awesome, but ultimately feel cheesy and forced.

Ethan M (ru) wrote: As far as movies go, this is one of the best I have watched. Initially captured by later performances of Asa Butterfield, I had decided to go back and watch all of the movies he has starred in. This movie, amongst others of his, hit a chord of nostalgia unlike many other movies that I have watched. I was intrigued right the way through, the splendour of the magnificent visuals and the poignant characters all adding to this incredible movie. While the backstory behind 'Hugh' (Butterfield) is rife with plotholes, the movie will capture you in the magnificent tale of this young boy called Hugo, who will leave you wanting more, forgetting about the holes in the plot.

Vivienne C (ca) wrote: Watch it in HKIFF...... It's too vague and surreal... Can't understand what's happening with the Bagi and the town. The beginning is fine yet it goes too wierd...

Brett H (ru) wrote: A strong premise that is extremely effective in it's set-up; held together by Hitchcockian suspense and two lead characters who actually use intelligence to survive. Right off the bat this film is unique, having the couple be unhappy and nearing a divorce, so the tension between them is already at an all-time high. The premise of staying in a motel, only to find out that you've just checked in to the set of numerous snuff films is devilishly sinister and wholly plausible! Once the action kicks in, it is a non-stop thrill ride, until it drops the ball in the final ten minutes and we arrive in Convenience City. The acting is pretty great from usual-funnyman, Luke Wilson and his character is by far the most compelling, Kate Beckinsale mostly just reacting to the events around her. If not for the incredibly fake ending, this would be a true stand-out thriller, but it impresses up until that point and there is real terror here.

Andres G (ca) wrote: Es cierto que la historia y las actuaciones dejan mucho que desear. Pero, a quien carajos le importa. Los numeros musicales, especialmente aquellos de La Caita (Calle del Remolino) y Gritos de Guerra (Arriconamela) son maravillosos y una demostracion dramatica del poder del Flamenco. Si ven el DVD, no se pierdan la pequena pelicula que la acompana. "Este arbol tiene duende..."

Thomas T (us) wrote: I can just vaguely remember this from childhood...

Nick A (kr) wrote: The pivotal piece of Tarr's masterful filmmaking career, as it's the one in which he arrived at the singular style that became his cinema identity and produced three unblemished masterworks that followed.

Amanda Emilie M (ag) wrote: This film is one of the funniest I have ever seen. I love the fight scenes. The comedy is just great where it is. Malcolm emboddies his character of Flashman to the very ends. He is perfect in this. the rest of the cast are really fun as well. Also nice to see cameos of two of my other favourite actors Alastair Sim and Bob Hoskins (in their respectivley last and first film).

Ryan S (kr) wrote: "The best stop-motion animated necrophiliac musical romantic comedy of all time." - Steven Rea. This sums up the movie very well.

Daniel E (us) wrote: Not a bad movie and funny too.

dylan f (fr) wrote: this is a great movie to watch on Halloween, it isn't that scary but it is perfect for Halloween. i like how all the stories connect to each other at the end and also sam, nuff said