Tanulmány a nökröl

Tanulmány a nökröl


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Jeremiah J (us) wrote: The appeal to this documentary is not only in the unique approach that it takes in sharing the more human element of a politician, but also in its revelation of who Romney is from a perspective that was never before seen...or even imagined by many.

James B (ca) wrote: This was really good! A great feel good movie. I thought it was really well done.

Marisa R (us) wrote: This was pretty good! I don't consider myself a fan of Ranbir, but I have to admit I did like this performance. The story is not the typical Shaadi theme, and it shows modern and contemporary India in a diverse and interesting way. It is not perfect, but I had a good time and a good dose of Bolly love.

Shaylyn C (nl) wrote: i want to see it becasue channing tatum is a hunk

Asif K (jp) wrote: so its a documentary like movie ..... not interested but i may watch it because its about books

Jace L (kr) wrote: Although it seems a little too cheesy at times, it would be a mistake to overlook this film as an incoherent mess. The message of the film is clear, and it seems that most of everything in the film is contributing to that message in one way or another.

Hayden L (ca) wrote: Though it isn't the best sci-fi film that I've seen it certainly isn't the worst. The action is great, and the story is good (and original) so I can't really complain.

Evan H (ru) wrote: Don't care what the ratings say I love this film!

sarah w (ca) wrote: This is a good film with the right mixture of comedy and action. Ok the story line is not really up to much but the fight scenes were really good. It makes a change for America to get a Martial Arts film right but they managed it with this. I thought it was funnier than Rush Hour (this was made first).

James H (it) wrote: What an overlooked gem of a film. The performances are terrific. Luke Perry is well cast in one of his best roles. Ashley Judd gives an amazing performance. The entire movie is great, well paced and very believably told. Awesome!

Melita M (ca) wrote: Jedan od filmova za pogledati vise od jednom...

Jaime R (ag) wrote: An all-time favourite, always leaving me in tears upon every viewing.

Grant W (au) wrote: Effing brilliant film.Nae namby pamby shite. Whos wanting a hat then?

Nicholas W (us) wrote: Starbuck luckily i enjoyed this movie

Damon R (ru) wrote: When I first saw Sphere, it almost reminded me of Event Horizon. However, this is based on the late Michael Crichton's novel, and the film itself is more tame than Event Horizon. I did enjoy it.

Simon D (ca) wrote: I think that this has had a harsh time in the reviews. It's not as bad as I was led to believe. I think it's the first Smurf thing I've ever seen so I can't compare with the legacy of old. I reckon it was alright for kids but, obviously, nothing special.